Will the new Testlive Feb 22nd edition come to dedicated testlive servers at same time?

As the title says. Wondering if our dedicated servers get the same patch at the same time. I may block mine from getting it right away and wait for the initial wave of bugs to be discovered and patched. I plan on spending the next few days only on official testlive servers for the event.

Very excited to see what you have in store for us :slight_smile:

“Show me what you got”


No. They even said so in the calls to arm thingy. They seem desperate to get a ton of bugreports though.

To clarify: This patch is a different build than the one we are working on stabilizing for Live for next week.

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We could theoretically do that but it’s unlikely. The Patch that will go to Live next has been tested for much longer. This new patch was just now released to the community for help with testing, so it probably needs more time to be ironed out for proper release. Also, we definitely do not want to delay the Live patch longer than absolutely necessary. Trying to get both patches out the same time would most likely mean more delays. I don’t think that would be in anyone’s interest :slight_smile:

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My bad. I was completely unclear in my question. I only ever play on testlive servers - my own dedicated and the officials. I meant to ask if our dedicated testlive servers were getting the same code. I have currently disabled the auto update for my server, because I did not want to introduce too many new bugs, as we are seeing in this patch.

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