Testlive - Mirror official servers?

Would it be a possibility that when a patch is going to testlive there would be mirrors from a certain amount of official servers and are available in the server list? I’m not sure how you would pick which ones to mirror but it would for sure attract more players/testers and it would also mean that you test the effects of the placeables and thralls on the testlive version, which imo is the only true test.

To be honest i really think this would be a very good idea to use as well as help locate and fix new and old bugs easier in my opinion

I dont think its possible…
The one thing I could think of is them telling us we may state a server, steamid and character name to get this character copied. But that would require someone sitting there just doing that all day long… not a nice thing.

I think events like call to arms (but with longer periods please, including higher level meaning more actual experience=more bugs being found) already get people to join testlive.

I’m not familiar with the architecture but I think none of your character data is stored in any way locally, I’m not sure but that would be weird. My guess is if you make a copy to another server instance, upgrade it to livepatch version and publish it, that players from the original will have all their stuff and character, and new players can join like it would be just another official server. Progress on the livepatch will simply be independant from the original but it would make the perfect test environment. People who do not want to be testing can still join the server as normal.

I think they will be stored on the server.
But how many servers are there?
How many inactive players are on them?
As you asked yourself: Which servers will be the lucky ones? (Only 6, divided into the different zones - maybe even mode!)

Rather than that… Why not say any character that get created up until a certain point after a testlive patch has been pushed out will be leveled up to… lets say eighter 40 or 50? Thats easy to do, wont depend on a few lucky servers and wont clutter the fresh testlive server with inactive players.

And people who dont want to test? They wait until its pushed to live anyway.

Said call to arms event had one problem: Short duration, so people wanted to be nice to other players, going offline once they (and their friends) reached 25. Thus i.e. the starmetal problem couldnt be found. At least I think so.

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Don’t worry, I’ll be pushing test live buildings and defense harder than I would Live. I want to have all manner of building materials, upgraded wedges with chests on them, an army of low level thralls, and anything else I can do to push the limits lol.

I think we’ll have enough players in Test servers to match a normal server in a few days. Let’s just hope they don’t try and force the patch through to live too quick, and we get the chance to get settled in and properly test most aspects of game play.


A server is really just some settings (“server rules”) and a database (“game state” - ie buildings and characters).

Copying a running official server to testlive should be trivial to do, though obviously there’d be no bringing anything from testlive “back to regular live” - you’d essentially have two separate copies (a practical example of MWI right there…) until the testlive was eventually nuked.

Still, I think it’s a decent idea, it’d give a closer approximation of the real live environment.

I do seem to remember a Funcom rep saying they already do this for internal testing, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to do it on testlive too.

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