Suggestion for Creators and Developers regarding Test Live

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Platform: PC
Feedback and Suggestion

To the Makers:

While I am not an avid gamer to know the full indepth details regarding what a test live server is built of. It is my thought that perhaps the test live server is made of the highest and best hardware you could get. I would suggest making your test live server built with the very lowest end components that could be used to play Conan exiles and then perhaps better results could be had in the future. Because if the low end computers can handle the game then you already know the best will. I say this because I feel that you should have a private server set up for live but not for testing but more along the lines of prerelease for seeing if servers can handle the dlc’s you intend on release. And I would agains suggest the lowest end server that could possibly handle the game and all that.

Perhaps if you did this. you may have less of an upset with the community in the future? Just a thought.

To the Community:

I don’t know what others might think or what could be done to help the community, but feel free to make your thoughts known for the makers. I feel making positive feedback for future ideas to make things better for us all might be a good way to go for preventative upsets in the future.

The testlive servers that exist I dont know how they are operated but I believe they are not on the same servers as the official servers because they never get restarted unlike the officials.

Mind you that this last patch was working on testlive, nobody had this issue then and some people like myself never had any performance issue with the update.

It seens to me like a hardware driver didnt play well with the updated map loading, plus the fact that thr fix is taking long means its not a simple fix.

First and foremost, one can run a TestLive build on any old spare PC that can support a Server. Our Conan Exiles Dedicated Server tool has a checkbox for “bleeding edge,” and a server admin can easily select the build for whichever day suits him or her. I have run this server on an old Windows 8.1 box, and some underpowered Windows 10 machines that can barely run the game yet work well as a server.

The explicit purpose of the public TL servers is to test the worst-case scenarios of bogged down with no reboot in sight. At least that appears to be the paradigm for about 6 months or so, according to a Moderator response, from about 4 months ago.

One significant issue with all of the TestLive purposing is that the build we are presented will not usually be the one that launches with the patch. Therefore there is some measure of unpredictable behavior. The plus side is we TestLivers are abrogated of responsibility when the patch actually drops.

The idea of this post isn’t for a player to test the game in single player to see if their pc can handle it. This is not the point of this post. The point of this post is to try to share thoughts and ideas on how to circumvent future problems like what has happened with this dlc.

** Agnusthemagi** May have quite possible said a thought that could be part of the problem.

The testlive servers that exist…are not on the same servers as the official servers…Mind you that this last patch was working on testlive, nobody had this issue then and some people like myself never had any performance issue with the update.

Perhaps if this is indeed the case that maybe the Testlive server should have been on the same ones. I’m sure it would have been no different then a private server at that point for testing etc.

Has stated before, I don’t know how the intricate details of running an operation works. Especially the coding involved. However consider an outsiders perspective for a moment and perhaps, the know how’s might be able to fine tune the problem down just off something so simple. Plus it’s also a chance for me to learn something.

So I play on a server were we have Age of Calimitous. Either it’s incompatible with it’s system codes OR with the periodic playability rendering of the map is effecting all servers including officials. Mind you I haven’t played on official servers. Mainly on private only.

While I have talked with a few server owners directly. ON the down side it feels alot like the graphic coding and system coding regarding rendering was designed for the very best in mind perhaps unintentionally? Like I said I have know clue on this it’s just a thought. While one server clear across the world, build out of the latest state of the art hardware any server could hope for, runs super freaking smooth for them. Here in the United States the majority of us have issues.

It is my guess that maybe somewhere in the coding there is something wrong in the lines regarding rendering. I have often found myself having to log over a section of 3-4 section grids at a time. depending on where I am. It’s almost as if certain areas of the map are coded as seperators before the next part can be rendered in safely. I’m talking the whole mesh environment now. trees, rocks plants etc everything. Logging usually fixes that small hick up where on both sides its rendered but then it’s still that 4x4 or 3x3 map grid area rendered it.

My very first thought when I started seeing all this issues and saw where the entrance do the dungeon was. My thought was, why did they put the entrance there in set city, where the Jabha Sag exit is? I even still wonder to this day why the Jabha Sag exit is even in Set City.

The last DLC that I had gotten was in regards to the underwater dungeon. (Still a bit borked on the sandstorm in water by the way, in the jungle…) anyway, while I thought it was appropriate for a boat to be used I still was curious why the entrance to that particular area was close to the entrance for the which queen.

So it begs on curiosity is this also a node rendering issue that is specifically involving the dungeon entrance exit codes that are also effecting open world rendering?

It appears from the other posts that most problems with performance and world not rendering where related to mods changing character body and the somehow affecting the rendering of the map.

After years of bethesda games modding I took my knowledge for granted, after a big update mods will break. I think it really hadn’t happened for Conan Exiles yet but this seens to be the case this time.

Come December update be prepared probably all mods will break again as the changes then will be even bigger than last patch.

Is a great idea. But my idea is that it should operate exactly like the officials but only for testing allowing multple people to test at once and be live on testing… Does this make any sense?

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