{PC} Dedicated servers on invalid version, why?

Hi folks-

Love the game, love the concept. I was booted yesterday 4.25.2018 for the patch. No big deal. I haven’t been able to log into any official servers since (going on 12 hours here folks) so that is a big deal. Why on Earth wouldn’t Conan Exiles do what every other MMO-ish game does for these big updates and a.) send notification to the player base via an in-game message b.) kick all players at the said time so the version can be updated and everyone can enjoy the game??
When can we, the player base, expect to have these Official Servers up and running??

Now I am even more irked as I have seen the players online go from 1/40 to 4/40. How are players able to log into this server if it is an invalid version? Is it a matter of simply turning off Steam auto-updating?

are you not on testlive branch ?
Testlive had an update yesterday but not live.

Check you game properties in steam

I am on testlive

then that why you cannon log on to official server.
Find a test live server

The server is a testlive Official server. I have not changed any settings since the update. It was on testlive before the patch, Official #403 PvE-Fast

Official #403 PvE-Fast is live build not test build

change to live build to be able to log in this server.

With the previous build, as live and test was same you were able to log on official live.
But now live an testlive are different

for you information official test live server are name like this :

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