Official Servers all invalid PC game pass Again

As the title suggests the game pass PC version of the game, ALL official servers are once again invalid has been a few days as well. ME and a friend who plays on steam (who has updated) cant even see any of the same server at all! despite playing together in the past. Please elevate to whoever needs this, im not too savvy about such things.

Thank you.

Fellow MS-Store user here; you’ve gotta uninstall and re-install your game to update properly.

For some dumb*** reason, Conan Exiles refuses to update properly for us. I tried looking into it, and Funcom points us to Microsoft, while Microsoft points us to Funcom.

Neither of them believe its a problem on their end and those of us who play on, and even bought the game on this storefront have to suffer the consequences.

If you’ve only got the base game through a gamepass sub, I highly recommend keeping an eye out for a Steam sale. Don’t buy any DLC or Crom Coins, because this issue doesn’t seem like it will ever be fixed.

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