TestLive Update - Update 04.04.2020

Soooooo apparently Conan installed the test live client instead of the regular game. I didn’t even notice since I never saw a single testlive server while looking at the official server list. Only saw the original official servers listing, never seen a testlive server. New patch comes out now I see testlives but no officials.

Points of note:

A) all my of time I have played has been tracked on steam and is showing as me playing 32 hours in Conan exiles even though its apparently the testlive client
B) I have been earning achievements in the regular game

I need some help. Do I need to install the regular game as well? Did the testlive client screw me over?

Where did you play until now? Singleplayer?

  • If you were playing on a server, you can download the normal client and continue playing on that server because your data (character, builds, etc) are stored on the server itself. TestLive and Live were running the same version before this patch.
  • If you were playing on singleplayer, you can download the normal client and transfer your “save” (game.db) to continue playing. I guess since you have probably updated the client, you may need to use a back-up though.

TestLive is a different client and may run a different version than the live servers. It is used to test new patches before they are released like the one which we have now. TestLive patches are work in progress so you may experience quite some issues if you decide to only play TestLive.

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