Public Test Server - US - PvE - ExiledLands not allowing access

Game mode: Official
Game type: PvE
TestLive client: Unknown
Detailed information of the occurrence
Official Server number: Public Test Server - US - PvE - ExiledLands
Hardware info Windows PC (W10) latest drivers installed No issues on other official servers.
Connection info Wired
Additional details N/A
Short step-by-step guide on how to reproduce the issue:
TestLive client executed from Steam as always.
Two days ago I was in-game moving along when I noticed horse no longer following and I was not losing any stamina when running. Went to base location and base was not displayed. Exited server and since then have not been able to get access. Launching TestLive client from steam initiates the load screen and the load indication moves to approx. the full indication but game does not initiate. Eventually attempt times out.

Checked again today, same issue, get the opening screen with the logo and hint message but then it hangs. All other Conan servers official and private load normally. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Hi @Bourbon and thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We will pass this inforamtion over to the rest of the team for further investigation.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we look into this.

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Thanks Dana! :smiley:

On a slightly different subject, any idea when 3.0 will hit Testlive? I’m really looking forward to this!


@Bourbon ,

After losing build after build due to Test live being unavailable, I finally gave up on it.

However, the new Dedicated Server App allows you to run the Test live build on your local machine, which can be set to auto update so that it will load the 3.0 patch when it is released.

Also, you can run multiple instances of the server app on the same machine.

Ya the testlive servers use to be great they kept them up and running and then about a year or longer ago they just let them go to pot. I finally gave up on them just one big big hassle. Then they took them off that was good simply no more wasting players time. Now they put one back on named it public with no password so I got back on built a nice base and was happy. Then you know it lasted about 2 weeks and down again. Been down about 2 weeks so I think I’m finally over it. lol


Was able to get in today, not initially, but accessed the EU PvE server and following that did get into the US server. Sep City is completely unpopulated, running about does not decrease stamina. Not able to enter act with things like books in Conan’s Bar.

Update: Horse appeared on opposite side of map (far east). Was trying to get to horse to see if I could interact with it. Died just east of Dregs south shore of Noob River for no apparent reason. Booted from server, server not allowing access.

You would think with 3.0 about to release they’d have these things all sorted out.

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with there not being any content tested on the testlive servers it makes sense to me that they weren’t a priority. i would guess in the next few weeks they will get looked at more to be ready for the drop of 3.0 i do understand the frustration though i’ve been kicking the idea of prepping my testlive character to test the amazing stuff to come but i can understand them not having to much focus on these servers when there isn’t anything new on them.

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