Private server not showing up? hosted from G-portal (testlive)

So I rented a server from G-portal and I did everything I’m supposed too, download testlive client from steam, selected the right branch on g-portal, when I load up it’s not showing my server, I tried direct connecting and it just says something about mismatch of versions or something?

If you run one version on the client and another on the server, you can’t connect. The TestLive client is the not the same version as the live server.

I’ve never run a dedicated server of my own, so I don’t know if there even is a TestLive version of it.

Yeah I did that part right, changed G-portal to test live branch and running conan exiles testlive on steam, server finally popped up but its greyed out

From the patch notes:


For 3.0 we will not be updating the Testlive branch on the main product due to technical reasons. In order to test 3.0 you will need to use the Conan Exiles Testlive Product. "

In short, I do not believe we have access to this branch on g-portal.


I figured we did as G-portal has this in the branch section?

So I’d only be able to play singleplayer on the testlive part?

From the note @Biggins quoted, the TestLive branch is there, but it hasn’t been – and won’t be – updated to the 3.0 TestLive.

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aight thanks, that sucks

There are private servers on testlive so I presume they are using other methods aside from Gportal.

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