Server provider claiming can't update to testlive "testlive branch isn't updated"

was just wondering if anyone else tried starting a private testlive server with anyone other than gportal and had issues getting the update for this testlive update. if you did and got the issue resolved how you went about doing it? streamline server’s is telling me i can’t. “Unfortunately until the developers update the testive server branch, there is no possible way of hosting a testive server.”

The dedicated server for TestLive 3.0 has a separate app ID:

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so is that information i should send to the server provider or would you say it’s a dead option. i can’t host my own server currently and i am playing on official testlive but i prefer private servers

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That’s the information you can use to talk to them and ask them if they have an option to do that.

thank you. hopefully they will help me get my server where i can update it.

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