Dedicated Testlive server setup

Since we now have a new testlive client in steam I have to wonder has this changed how we setup a testlive server? Is the -beta testlive in command-line still valid? I cannot get a testlive server to run and be seen. I have no issues running normal conan instances. Any help greatly appreciated.

I use the “Dedicated Server Launcher” to build my servers.


Thanks PitMonk.
I’m specifically looking for what new info we put in the StartServer.bat file. Does the app create this and if so can you paste what it states in your testlive server bat file.

No, it just uses the default ConanSandboxServer.exe -log command.
I did have it all written in a file, but since using this app, I have deleted/lost my previous file. If I find it again I’ll post it up. Sorry.

NP thanks.

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