Cannot Connect to TestLive US3 PVE

For the last two days I have been getting this message when trying to start Conan Exiles on Combat_TestLive_US3_PvE. It gives me the message: Pending Connection Failure Could not connect to server. Your connection to the host has been lost.

When I look in Battle Metrics it says i am in game and i logged 33 hours of play time on Dec 8 which is the last time I was successful in connecting.

I am wondering. I see all these unconscious players in the game. Am I now one of them? Can this be fixed? Maybe with a restart of the server?

P.S. I am using TestLive EU3 now just fine.

I just tried to get on TestLive_US3_PvE with no luck. The moving dots at the conan exiles screen just keep going, and then eventually said could not connect to server. Tried to use the report server function but that does not work for testlive

I think the server is dead and they will only fix it when a new testlive version is released. It has happened in the past, hopefully there will be an update later this week.

Do they typically wipe it when a new release comes out? I was building a massive structure to test the new load times and hopefully it is still there when it comes back.

Have not been wiped from the pets version, but my base decayed, But if server offline, then no decay can happen.

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