Amazing proges the test live

The test live version show so much positive progress, the game is amazing, hope you patch the normal version soon to, because its nice to play this version on a rented server. ( rented servers don’t support the test live version :frowning: and is pretty sad because the balance is so greath and all the new stuff)

If by rented you mean private servers there are some that run testlive, most I’ve noticed are password protected though.

We got now our own private server running but we like to put it on the Nitrado server as well, but we did not figure out how yet. No time for it because of playing Conan :wink:

Its just too bad that all testlive servers are full of chinese hackers at the moment. impossible to play.

Hope we get the Nitrado server running soon with test live then you can play on there, we play mostly PVE but we can set it in weekends to PVP

Its paid for 3 months, but don’t feel playing on it with the non test live.

Let you know when we get it working.