Can you add PVE Servers for testlive?

Would be nice for us solo players to play the testlive so we can actually get to t3 or get passed 1 day without being raided I literally was getting raided everyday after I would grind to get benches and structures up. So Now I’m playing PVE on the current live version. So I most likely wont be able to play the testlive launch version until its launched. So please could you make a PVE testlive server?

I’ve been playing on testlive private servers. Some have restrictions on raiding times, while others have indestructible player buildings, so raiding isn’t a thing. I’m not huge on pvp, but the changes to testlive over base game is so immense, that I can’t go back to live build anymore lol.

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Same. Find a private server with rules you like, and play there. Added bonus of the possibility of an admin and moderation.

Or keep playing on the officials, and give Funcom more data. Broken messy servers are valuable too.