Private Dedicated Modded PVE TestLive Server - Message me to join

Gals and Guys,

I know there is a general server recruitment place, but this would get completely lost there and I am specifically looking for just the regular TestLive people. I am building a new server (all new hardware) and wanted to open it up to a few players that focus on testlive, but would prefer to take advantage of a few mods to liven up the game.

I’ll have several server settings adjusted, such as no decay to start, but probably change it to a slow decay later, if we have too many abandoned structures in the future. Extra stamina, quicker crafting, minimal land claim (so we can have trees next to our houses), no drop on death and various other tweaks to lower grindyness and frustrations.

Here is a list of mods I use currently, but may drop some for the new server:

(disabled for now) 1273074761 75% more Women
(disabled for now) 1273419074 Swift Elevator
(disabled for now) 1467634310 Tier 4 thralls half increase spawn
1629644846 Kerozards Paragon Leveling - A Multigun Refresh (patched and working great)
1579057391 Stygian Building Kit
(disabled for now) 1369743238 Less Building Placement Restrictions
884162441 LitMan Item Stack
1268176328 Stun bow
1673617274 COOP Boss HP
1553322363 All Weapons Glow
1657405542 AG mods Lethal Arrows
1316788362 NoBodyHair
1880611358 Animal Taming Cage
1488578417 Strays Clock
(disabled for now) 1383365330 NoxUIChanges
(disabled for now) 1797359985 Hosav’s UI Modification
877108545 Unlock Plus (with Pickup)

I love archery, so have a couple that really make archery powerful. I think when you consider the high damage of a predator blade, compared to vanilla archery, it just makes archery a tool for pulling. I want archery to mean something.

I might take out the T4 increase spawn rate. This is the slower increase rate of Multigun’s T4 mods, but it still makes gathering thralls a bit easy. In fact, with the new thrall leveling code on the way, I should probably drop the mod and keep thralls as vanilla as possible.

Coop boss HP is one that really make soloing bosses feasible. If the server gets busy with a lot of folks, I might pull that mod, but to me, it just doesn’t make sense shooting 200 arrows to bring down a boss solo.

Yes, I prefer the female form, so I have a couple mods in for guilty pleasure.

Several mods (now disabled) have been removed for compatibility with the new Thrall/Mounts update. They will probably be added back in once the modders have a chance to update.

I’ll be the only admin to start

Quick question, what is the point of having a heavy modded TestLive?

I know it may seem a bit odd. I can find quite a few bugs and quirks with the game with mods active and when in doubt, I can just run solo to confirm if it is mods or a real bug.

Without the mods, the game isn’t nearly as enjoyable. Testing the game isn’t my job, it is just my hobby - which I am happy to do to help the community and funcom improve.

All 3 of my mods that are on your list have issues on Testlive. It is safe to assume the vast majority of mods are going to have incompatibilities this go around. I wouldn’t recommend using testlive with mods, not until a new Dev kit is available and modders have time to update. Which could be a while.


Yeah. Ran into the one earlier today (Norril3 on steam). Haven’t had a chance to test much more on the rest of the mods. Took a winter job this year to get my butt out of my recliner and stop gaming 12hrs a day. But my weekend is now here, so hello recliner!

I imagine you are fully aware of any issues your own mods might have, but I’ll let you know what quirks I find in the off chance it is something unexpected.

It won’t really matter on the specifics for my own mods. It’s a case by case basis for various mods out there, but for me, I didn’t even need somebody to tell me LBPR is broken to know that it will need to be updated and what I need to update without actually knowing what’s wrong. And I’ve known since pretty much since the day Mounts were teased.

So you can get specific if you want, but it won’t really change anything for me :stuck_out_tongue:


Server is running solid right now and am looking for folks to join now. Message me in forums for the password.

Tempting to join @sirvink but I’m quite settled in another private server and don’t have time for two unfortunately. The long list of mods is also a bit of a turndown for me, especially on Testlive.

Hi Thea! Well, if you ever change your mind, I would love to have you join. Just think of the mod list as a set of alpha features that Funcom will one day have. I think they are all great enhancements to the enjoyment of the game.

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