Testlive not Avaible?

Hi , what about testlive server now - i cant join it . Is it Closed now ? Or is there a special Trick to Join it ?

As stated (at least last time I checked) in the testlive loading screen, the access to the server is restricted. I don’t know the reason. I have in mind one sounding logical, but I know it’s just a false hope.

It does work but they don’t use it anymore as far as I know

No longer works.

Yeah you can’t log in past the authentication stage. Huge shame - was a lot of fun while it lasted, and I think at a point I was playing it far more than the live client…
No chance of it ever opening up again? Would sell my soul for that to happen, pleeease :frowning:

As the game was put into maintenance mode with no more development a while back, why would they need a Testlive? It makes sense to them. However if mods are to be made however small, it would make perfect sense to bring it back. The player base would have found the recent annoying vanity related hair, and baldness bug almost instantly, and it could have been fixed before it went live.
I do suspect there are more ‘crap code’ issues here from quick & dirty fixes than has been realised. If it was so easy to implement weapon vanity without breaking other things, it would have been done years ago.

Totally agree with bringing Testlive back - feedback on bugs from a safe test environment is a good thing surely.

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Actually was thinking more from a personal perspective than for development/bug testing, thought Testlive was rather fun for just general goofing around without consequences and especially for things like testing out various builds without needing to invest in the slow grind, and consequently informing the choices you make in the main game.