No Testlive servers Official or Dedicated - all incompatible versions

Testlive servers can’t be accessed. Not Dedicated or Official. You can only see them if you click the “incompatible” check box in the server search options.

When will testlive servers get the patch?

Edit: Any why are patches going to live before being tested on testlive? Is there any point to having testlive anymore? The last big update was tested for a few days, numerous bugs being reported and then just rolled to live anyway. Now today’s update straight to live. Please explain the purpose of testlive?

Hey @sirvink

We’ve poked our team so they can fix the version mismatch.
Regarding the usability of Testlive that is a question for another thread and forum section. There are plans to revamp that feature but for the time being there is nothing we can communicate yet.
Thanks for the feedback.


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