When is 2.3 going live?

The people you talk about are actualy a dozen or so forum users. I don’t think that stands as the entire funcom community and I don’t think you speak for everyone else, the rest couple of hundred thousands.
The game will probably launch live with lots of bugs, so I don’t get it why some people start building illusions that the game will be bug free when it will go live.
“let them take their time and release when it’s ready” is quickly becoming the most unoriginal and boring thing a consumer can say.

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I want them to take their time. The more time they take the less bugs there will be. We are all used to playing with bugs but instead of playing with say 10 I would rather play with 5 or less. In order to achieve this, Funcom needs time. A week is not enough time. (Just my opinion.)


Most of the people I’ve played with never go on the forum.

None of them wanted rushed updates.


As opposed to “I want it now!”

It is better to be patient.


You are. :smiley:


Hey there,

2.3 will remain on Testlive until it is deemed stable and fully-featured. This can take from 1 to 3 weeks. There is no rush to release it live until it is ready.


Leaving a patch only a week on TestLive or even less is a very bad idea, the last few patches have created lots of chaos, some of which is still present in the current live version. We don’t need even more problems due to rushed content patches.

I rather have content released slow but polished, because in the end, 2 weeks longer on TestLive means the game won’t be unplayable for over a month like it happens when rushing a patch release.


To give you an idea, on the other side of the specter we have people complaining on the TestLive thread that TestLive should not have been shipped before fixing bugs that “should have been obvious”.


yes you are, XD.


The demographic you occupy sir is so small it would need a word all its own. Minority doesn’t begin to cut it.

Please, if you can, trust the tone of the replies here. We suffered greatly from the (What did somebody call it?) The Bugoclypse? Ever time in the last year they rushed stuff.

I fully appreciate the desire for these features I eagerly await them myself! But I don’t want them (ever) if it means the games gonna be dead for weeks on end as they scramble around retroactively fixing stuff that GOT REPORTED (in many cases) but was not fixed in Test-Live.

A rushed job in any profession is 99% likely to be a bad job. Period. Also please recall the programmers triangle:

"You can have it coded -

  • Fast
  • Good
  • or cheap
    Pick any two…"

FunCom like any company does NOT wanna spend more money then they have to right now with Covid nibbling at every industry so… Its gotta be done cheaply for them (and that’s NOT an accusation BTW Moderators!)

So please lets have it done right even if it takes a few weeks

  1. Open steam
  2. Go to your library
  3. Find Conan Exiles
  4. Right click and select “Properties”
  5. Select the betas tab
  6. Change it from “none” to “Testlive”
  7. Download it and open your game .exe
  8. ???
  9. Profit

Actually @Multigun speaks for the majority of us.


not always is the case, so please speak for yourself,

i have had my disagreements with him in several topics. Sure , he is a very solid community member, but does not represent the community either. he is like everyone else , a community member, with his own set of opinions, thats it.

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Well Multigun is right about this and I am sorry but I think you might not be looking at the big picture, every update brings a host of new bugs as it is not tested well enough, the longer they leave it on testlive the better it will be, less bugs, less problems. Putting it out untested as proved to cause many problems for everyone on the live branch. For one I am glad they are working with a longer test period and hope they stick with it.


Ask anyone who’s been here a couple years about the Mother of All Patches, and they’ll tell you why rushing these updates is a bad idea.

That update wasn’t ready, and Funcom knew it, but with Norway’s mandatory summer break delaying it any longer meant it wouldn’t be out until August, and people just couldn’t have that. So they screamed, they cried, they raised such a stink that Funcom finally gave up and said “Okay, find us all the bugs you can within X time period, we’ll fix them, and you’ll get your patch.” So people reported bugs, they were looked at, and the patch released and broke the game. I could technically play it, but not without janky-looking graphics and lag spikes that would freeze me in place for up to a minute at a time before launching me halfway across the map and off several cliffs to my death. And I was lucky, other people could barely do anything without it crashing. And because Norway’s summer break began right after the update released, we were stuck with our broken game for a full month before anyone at Funcom was allowed to come back to work to fix it.

So trust us, we know from experience. Rushing updates is a bad idea.


This pretty much. If you don’t want to wait, play TestLive. Your mods may not work, your game will be buggier than usual, but hey, you will get what you want and at the same time play test it for us. It is a win-win situation, I would say. :wink:


So your in the minority. We get that, there’s no shame involved. And my opinion is that he DOES represent the majority of the community.

why are you telling me i am with the minority? could you please show me in numbers and with proof how did you reached that conclusion? or you are just talking nonsense , just to troll?

So… You like the CdProjekt’s Effect don’t you?
Putting out things when they’re not ready is not the best way to deal with your product, and after the cyberbug “scandal” would be stupid, even form a marketing point of view, rush out things that are not performing as intended.
CE has a long story of things “not exactly woking very good”, so let 'em work properly.

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Well dunno about the whole Forum but at a glance your the only one that didn’t disagree with the OP and to be fair you didn’t seem to directly agree with him either in your original post.
So based on that “evidence” alone, Multigun is in tune with the majority of expressed opinion right here in this thread, and you’re simply disagreeing with him (as is your right) without weighing in on the OPs thought.

What is your opinion on the subject under discussion please? Should test live move faster to live or no wait for more bugs to be fixed. Whats your opinion on the subject irrelevant weather it agrees with another forum members?