Next content patch?

Dude, you literally said that in other threads:

Just how am I twisting your words here? You literally said that you derive a sense of achievement from T4s being rare and that their rarity should not be compromised.

And I wasn’t criticizing you, either. I was saying that it’s perfectly understandable that you would be upset by a change that devalues those T4s, just the same as I was upset when they nerfed the Lifeblood Spear.


Remember, you can play testlive in offline mode, so you don’t have to grind anything.

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Just to be clear, the writeup that was posted a couple of hours ago DID include many of these changes.

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I see now why you’re upset. And I apologize if I offended you. Since you have been consistently arguing to make the current slot machine even harder, I assumed that you were perfectly fine with it.

As for things being easy right now and becoming easier than Exiled Lands, I disagree with you, I provided all the arguments and I don’t think I have anything to add. From what I’ve seen, most people disagree with you on that same point.

Yes! Precisely what I liked about Siptah too. And not just T2s and T3s. I have only T1 crafters at the moment – although I could use some T3s my clanmates have – and I’m happy to have them. They speed things up for me and I appreciate that.

No offense, but I think you’re misguided when it comes to this. The server will become a “T4 fest” in the end. Making last a year instead of a month is just pointless artificial scarcity. T1s, T2s and T3s were never meant to be something to rely on indefinitely. They’re meant to be part of the progression curve, stepping stones on your way to T4s.

The problem with thralling in Exiled Lands is that you don’t need to go through that progression. As long as Siptah fixes that, it’s going to be better than Exiled Lands (at least in that aspect).

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I think you and I have an irreconcilable difference of opinion of what “hard” means or should mean in videogames. And it’s that difference that led me to believe that you’re okay with the current RNG-fest that is Siptah.

“Hard” is a vague word, really. Things can be hard for many reasons. Maybe they’re complicated. Maybe they’re challenging. Or maybe they’re just a damn chore. Guess which one applies to Siptah?

There no “urgent need” to have T4s. There is, however, an intense dislike to being forced to spin the RNG hamster wheel over and over again, until RNGeezus blesses your efforts on a whim.

Getting T4s on Siptah is not a challenge of skill. It’s a challenge of whether you can be arsed to do the same thing mindlessly over and over again – to the exclusion of everything else in the game – until you’re randomly rewarded.

And that right there is at the core of our disagreement. No, I don’t think that dedication, in and of itself, should be rewarded. I think that dedication is part of what you should need in order to get your reward.

It’s like learning to play an instrument. Your dedication at learning how to play will make you more skilled and that skill should be rewarded.


Precisely, as i have said in other threads i am a solo player and can grind all day long, the issue here is what you get for what you do is backwards, its not really even good end game content, you farm these to get better thralls to then farm it faster to get better thralls but as a closed loop its not enjoyable or rewarding enough, it certainly does not have the progression that exiled lands does, whether you argue about t4’s being easy there or not, the progession is smooth I would say.


I literally explained in the second paragraph below the one you quoted. Here it is again:

How can we even have a discussion when you ignore what I wrote?

I give up. Feel free to keep living in your own world, where you can simply ignore anyone’s counterarguments by simply restating your own. I have better things to do than let you troll me.


Hey Sorrowseer,

The next major patch, Update 2.1, will likely be released in around a month. It includes changes which are currently on TestLive:

The developer stream will talk about this update as well as console updates:

See also: Upcoming features on the wiki for more information.

I have moved this thread to the General Discussions subforum, as updates concern both the Exiled Lands and Isle of Siptah maps. The thread will be seen regardless.

From a quick read around this discussion, seems like you don’t want things to be too easy, and are fine with T4 thralls being harder to get, regardless of the method used to achieved so.

I’ll try to give an example to clarify what exactly is the issue here.

RNG, or dice rolls, are what currently decide wether you get that shiny T4 everyone is after. This means that it’s a matter of sheer randomness, as well as endurance, to keep grinding resources for ???

Is grinding ??? Hard? No.
Are surges hard? No.
Are T4 thralls hard to get? No and yes. Hard because it takes time, since you need a lot of dice rolls. Easy because it’s easy to get the resource itself. A better word for it is tiring.

Thats what @codemage is talking about (and please correct me if I’m wrong), there are better ways of making things harder. You can put it behind a strong foe or a difficult task (in terms of skill), a multiple step crafting formula or a dangerous place.

Whathever it may be, what matters is how engaged the player is while executing this task, something that the current thrall acquisition method fails to do.


A month ah cannot wait :stuck_out_tongue: Would it oinclude changes to surges though within that time or just what was added currently to test live?

@Skillo: that hits the nail squarley on the head! Could not have worded it better myself.

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“Siptah system balancing changes” were mentioned for Update 2.1 in the producer’s letter, so there may be another TestLive update which includes Surge changes for example (I’m aware they might at least be working on a TestLive hotfix right now).
If you look at general changes, you’ll see they’ll be covered over the whole period of Siptah’s Early Access anyways if you don’t get it with this update -because logic-.

The mention specifically for the next update may have been an oversight, but I haven’t asked the team since they might not be ready to talk about it just yet (there’s a very small change they’ll talk about it during the dev stream…don’t worry though, you can always read a stream summary or blog post later, or ask me in the stream thread afterwards).

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New TestLive Patch is out!

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Yeah, testlive… So console get no real content for > 1year? I doubt player will come back in big amount if FC really does it like that.

FC should have call it quit on CE and should have released Siptah as Conan Eiles 2, with all the changes Siptah brings to CE…

I am no where a fan of it… My bases are mostly small/compact. Whats with this humongous benches now. Thralls are completely meaningless and who knows if legacy worker thralls get “upgraded” (Yeah, I know it currently does… But its Funcom. Thralls were often not migrated).

Will we ever see the Mummy at CE-EL? Can I ever finish the journey? Or will it be forever an unfished game in kinda “half early access” state?

My view has not changed from days ago: I Want This Update NOW! Now now now! :stuck_out_tongue:

And a huge thanks for continuing to update, maintain, and enhance the core game (Exiled Lands and Isle of Siptah) Funcom. For those of us that have played since the start, it’s great that the game is still getting stuff done for it, whether enhancements, fixes, performance changes, dlc, and/or updates. How many games out there appeared, got played and then nothing more.
ps: I am indeed biased towards the game #biteme :slight_smile:



I even used my left hand while holding scotch in my right hand.

My work here is done.

Hidden: Wtf for? …i mean… talk about wound tight…


Use the ones that aren’t huge - they are optimized for base size footprint. Others are optimized for speed or material efficiency but come with a larger base size footprint. Makes sense to me.


But what if I want it all? Speed, material efficiency and small footprint. Preferably for free too, and with every recipe unlocked, and it should make me a cup of coffee every time I enter the base.


So patches for downgrading the game? For what did I get all my armores. Exactly for resource reduction… Now you have to decide, to have big bases or pay more resources.

I dont see any good approach there (yet). The only positive thing is dividing the crafting menus…

BUT: Some benches are kinda obsolete now. Whats the difference between firebowl cauldron and the improved one?

But until the patch comes live, it will take some time… Hopefully many things get adjusted.

Improved one offers some of the material price reduction iirc but not as much as the master one focusing on that (but more than the master one with the opposite focus).


So the game gets more confused/complicated, exactly what for? :smiley: Just remove some of the old ones… (to build new).