We really need an estimate on when the next patch will drop……no more radio silence

Not trying to be that guy but the radio silence is a little to much at this point with how much is broken in siptah from recent patches, and the fact we’ve had like 3 patches drop with no fixes for white back ground, orb of Nergal, stun immune npcs, random thrall and pet death, admin panel.

now i know they mentioned these in the test live a few weeks ago but at this point we honestly need an estimate of when this patch will drop to fixed these things

hell the private server i was a part of for two years is gone now because of the broken admin panel and the owner finally being fed up.

All I’m are asking for is an estimate of when we can expect the white background and all those major ones to be fixed or a reasonable estimate of when, my entire time owning sitah has been big ridden and it’s killing it for me hard with no light at the end of the tunnel (an update)


This was posted to another topic I created…


thanks for the info!


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