Maelstrom Need to be Changed

I dont have time to spend hours upon hours killing monsters in the Maelstrom. Im using the farming method because I have time for 1, maybe 2, storms a day meaning it would take me several weeks to get enough ??? for 1 Surge.

If they ‘fix it’ by making the storm mobs immune to poison or something similar, it means Im not gonna bother with the storm, which in turn means a large portion of the game becomes useless to me so I’d probably get bored with it.

Maybe this means I shouldnt play the game which is fine, because that’s probably exactly what me and other casual players will do

Hmm I still think wild surges should drop 1-3 thralls of any kind and very very very rarely drop a named, it is kind of nonsense why the named should be pulled of the Exiled grounds and spit out on Siptah.

This will also be more solo friendly for our solo players here.

I think a summoned surge should always drop a named thrall, just as common as on the Exiled lands, you still need to do dungeons to get the eldarium.

And the more you fuel the higher the chances are of getting one, but now its even nearly zero on max fuel…

Im not saying named thralls should be able to catch as fast on the Exiled lands but closer to that… because currently its a four man job and a week of full time preparation doing it the legit way (with all the known bugs for empty chests and the chances someone steals thalls…)

Something has to change and it better be a good change, not a 1-10% more droprate chance lmao xD

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The problem isn’t that the maelstorm is hard. IT is unneeded in efficiency terms. As a solo the hours it takes (if not cheesing the gas) to get the max surge is time I can farm the mats to build. And with no purges, The t3 Bearers and fighters from wild surges are more than enough to decorate the base. PVP is the only area where T4 are absolutely needed. But once a clan has them, they can monitor new clans and keep them from getting them, since the surge is technically a shared event known on the server. Needs serious rebalance for both.

I disagree that people will run out of things to do quickly. People from PVP side, like @Ceronesthes and @WhatMightHaveBeen can talk about the PVP aspect. I can tell you my thoughts about the PVE side of things.

My typical main base has the following crafting stations that require thralls:

  • 1 greater wheel of pain
  • 8 kilns
  • 2 improved tanneries
  • 4 blacksmith benches
  • 4 carpentry benches
  • 1 armorer’s bench
  • 1 improved armorer’s bench
  • 1 saddler’s worktable
  • 4 artisan tables (Aquilonian, Argossean, Khitan, Turanian)
  • 1 torturer’s worktable
  • 2 large campfires
  • 1 improved stove
  • 1 fermentation barrell
  • 4 improved firebowl cauldrons

That means that the T4 thralls I will be looking for are:

  • 2 taskmasters
  • 8 smelters
  • 2 tanners
  • 4 blacksmiths
  • 8 carpenters
  • 4 cooks
  • 4 alchemists
  • at least 3 armorers

That’s at least 35 T4 crafters. Plus some T4 fighters, archers, entertainers and at least one bearer. Oh, and since I have all 6 T3 shrines, add 6 T4 priests into the mix, 1 for each religion. Do you have any idea how long I’ll be grinding to get all that?

And yeah, none of those are essential. I can play the game without any thralls. Right now, I’m playing Siptah with only T1 crafters, a T3 bearer, and a few pets to help speed up the grind. And it’s all doable.

I’m not saying that other people should play like me or that they have the same needs and wants. I’m simply saying that you can’t just flat out say “people will run out of things to do”, because not everyone plays like you. There’s plenty to do, so people who run out of things to do are people who don’t feel the need to do any of the stuff that’s available.

Which, by the way, is a fair point. But think about it: if there’s not enough to do in the game, is the solution really to make up additional busywork by artificially slowing down the progress to a crawl? Or would a better solution be to add more fun stuff to the game?

I’ve said before that I believe Exiled Lands to be “too easy”. Maybe it’s my fault that I haven’t ever clarified that, so people might think that I believe that the old map isn’t grindy enough. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The reason why I say Exiled Lands are too easy is because you can trivially skip huge portions of the progression. Nobody bothers with T1s and T2s, and T3s are only picked up occasionally. That’s why I like the idea that the devs had for Siptah. The actual implementation took it too far, though. Too much grind, too little content. But that’s why it’s Early Access :wink:


Maelstrom don’t need to be changed. It’s fine as it is. Five of us go out, we clear 200 unstable ??? per storm easily.

Gas arrows aren’t the problem. It’s so stupid to nerf them. Groups of enemies are EXACTLY what those arrows are for! The PROBLEM is an idiotic AI that

  1. won’t get out of gas and will sit and choke to death on it
  2. don’t climb in a “climb everywhere” game

But come on…
Me: Uses an area-of-effect weapon against an area of effect
FunCom: “You can’t use these AoE weapons for AoE!!!”

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Hoo boy. Don’t get me started on the recipes in the vaults :smiley:

I mean, if there’s a perfect illustration of using RNG to replace content, it’s that. In Exiled Lands, you learn how to do new things by exploring the world and interacting with it. There are unique NPCs to talk to, unique bosses to defeat, dungeons to go through, ghosts to observe, clues to piece together, etc.

On the Isle of Siptah, you just grind the same thing over and over again and hope that you’ll get something. It’s like the Library of Esoteric Artifacts in the Exiled Lands, but worse: in the library, you’ll get a scroll every time and you just have to keep grinding the fragments until you get all the scrolls, or at least the ones you care about. On Siptah, you have to keep grinding the vaults and hope you’ll be lucky enough to get a scroll. And if you’re really lucky, it won’t be a duplicate.

This is why the Isle of Siptah is in Early Access. Or at least, I fervently hope that’s the reason. Exiled Lands are rich in content and interaction, but those took years to add. Isle of Siptah has great potential, but it’s just getting started. Right now, it’s a blank slate, and I’m hoping that the RNG is acting as a placeholder for future content.

It looks like some people see only extremes and nothing in between. According to your logic, anything that doesn’t require incessant gambling is “instant gratification”. :man_shrugging:


That is for purge T3’s. T4’s are allo over exiles in the camps.

And from a PVP side, the fact that if i grind all the essence and then summon, the rest of the server can poach it will drive players away form the map. For PVE, teh fastest way LEGALLY (not lagging the server) to kill the higher levels in maelstorm is with a t4 fighter. But to get a t4 fighter, i need 1000 ??? and luck on RNG. The loop is not well thought out. I like the basic idea of the maelstorm and the thralling, but execution is not linked in a fun and logical way that would equally reward and challenge me as a gamer. Right now, i am playing PVE, and pretty much with a T# fighter i have cleared 9 of the vaults, only dying when lagging from the gas arrow farming during maelstorm from other players… I have no reason to actually spend hours to hopefully get T4’s, all the while watching people poach my hard work when i can craft the legendary weapons/armors I unlocked with eldarium (which is te best feature/gameplay loop on Isle).

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I would love the coles notes version of how you solo farm 1k unstable in a storm solo, without using gas arrows and cheesing it.

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You say things like solo would vbe easy enough, but have you actually done it. 10 players getting 1000 ??? is wasy. Then 7 waves of 10-12 thralls (not counting the “guards”) means 10 plauers will have 70-80 thralls. As a solo, fighting those, and maneuvering against the Elite Guards will take forever, all the while players from across the map can poach MY hard grinded mats for the max surge.

I would prefer three tiers to the surge, 1 that produces 1 wave, another for 4 waves, and current 7 waves. Cost scaled to the tier. This way as a solo, I can summon, get thru the 1 wave and get any good thralls while not rewarding non friends when my back is turned trying to weed out thralls to my thrall wheels.

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WE and myself??? which is it, yourself, or the clan???

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You’re not getting my point. I’m not saying Maelstrom needs to be changed. The only reason I got involved in the discussion with you is because you claimed it needs to be made harder. The Maelstrom is fine. Or at least, it was fine – I haven’t had the chance to play with this last hotfix yet.

What needs to change are the summoned surges. That, and a bunch of other RNG-heavy “moo moo poo poo”.

So, TL;DR: Maelstrom definitely doesn’t need to be harder and probably doesn’t need to be easier. The extreme RNG-gating needs to be fixed.

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It sucks now… Spend the whole storm and get 18 because the strikes are so rare now.

that sounds grand but Im a solo player.

The number of ??? should get down the more thralls and players are involved and Maelstrom mobs should reset their hp when they can’t attack a target because it’s on a wall.

e: This discussion is getting so absurd when people think that “cheesing a mechanic by avoiding it” is worth discussing.

The grind for recipes is infuriating. Luckily, most of them are basically useless right now anyway. The drop rates are far too low and the situation with the large chests at the end of the vaults makes it worse.

On my private server I’ve installed pippi and I’ve been playing around with the thespians. I want to see if I can create quests that hands out specific high value recipes upon completion.

I don’t understand why there isn’t a little off that in the base dlc. It really seems like they just decided to tie recipes to loot tables because they ran out of time.


Funny this does make sense after the acquisition by Tencent. I played a game years ago and the core of the game went from farming and crafting to RNG loot drops instead right after it was bought by a different Chinese gaming company. Coincidence?

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Don’t think so, every Asian MMO I have played has been a RNG grind fest


Personally, the overall concept of Maelstrom, Surges, Wild Surges and Vaults seems fine to me.

Getting better thralls, should be a bit harder (work) for you to obtain. I have yet to do a T4 surge, although did have enough ??? pieces to do 1, but my clan (3 of us) decided to do a T3 instead since getting better thralls is our main goal. In our first attempt, we got 1 blacksmith T3, 1 blacksmith T2, fighters T3 (x3), archer T3. Would have gotten a tanner T2, smelter T2, as well but we messed up and killed them the second time we fought them (woke up). We did kill the other thralls which could have been knocked out but that was intentional.

I personally harvest in the maelstorm once in a while and get 25 to 40 ??? drops a run. (Much lower than some have posted above) Its fun to fight out in the Maelstorm. You only need 400 chaos points for T3. Half that for T2 if you are just looking for crafters for your stations. Named crafters/fighters while are great to have, but not necessary when starting out. The mad rush for everyone to get names seems to be missing the point. Enjoy the game, and you will get them in the long run.

On our server, people (clans) split the cost of T4 surge, by paying 1/3rd the cost and cover / use one pad so whatever pops on the pad is theirs. So you can always arrange agreements with others to do a T4 surge and not have to pay the full freight. Granted, you may get less chances for good thralls but you also did not need to farm as many materials either. This is one way around small clans / solo players can do to do a surge.

One balance issue I could say they could adjust is one skull bosses should drop at least double a normal mob drops since they are at least twice (if not more) tougher than a standard mob. Its the only tweak I recommend at the moment with my lack of surge experience (did 2 so far).

Isle of Siptah (beyond the Surge concept) feels much easier than the Exiled lands map. Main resources are abundant on the most part everywhere on the map including gold, silver, brimstone, black ice. Coal is fairly uncommon but still found in bunches if you look. So getting started, building a base and gear is fairly easier than Exiled Lands where you had to run much farther to locations to farm a particular material. I do like the concept since it allows people to build where they want instead of near premium resource location. Also makes it easier for casual play.

There are no purges or sandstorms so no base destruction or early deaths to sandstorms when you could not find cover / have a sandmask.

Yes, getting good crafting thralls takes a bit of work, but it makes it more fun to obtain them since you have to earn them in an event than randomly finding in a location on Exiled Lands. Having all named thralls was not too hard after a while in Exiled Lands, only complication was getting the various named armorsmiths for the various gear.

Being this is early access, I am sure there is plenty more planned including more end game content for experienced players and things will be tweaked to make the experience better for all. I have enjoyed the expansion overall (even with the bugs that I hope most will go away eventually).

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Or just make demons immune to gas… case solved

Would make sense if you ask me, why should undead demons die of gas ayway right?

I think breathing in the storm should be a problem anyway, there is not a real difficulty standing in the storm as a human atm