Maelstrom farming is going to crash servers

Online Private
Poor optimization

I would really like some sort of explanation from someone on the dev team about why it was more important for a hotfix to be pushed out to remove the ability to cancel wraps by emoting instead of focusing on the fact that farming in the center of the Maelstrom with poison arrows nearly crashes servers. There is no way that you guys haven’t seen this happening on officials, I know it’s happening because if it’s happening on my Private server it’s DEFINITELY happening on officials.

If for some reason the dev team isn’t aware this is happening (which would be SUPER embarrassing for them), here is a video taken by someone on my Private server where you can see the Ping spike and the Server FPS drop to 2-3.

This on top of all the fatal errors people are getting, is SO unacceptable regardless of the map being “Early Access”. Early Access is NOT an excuse for these kind of things to be happening, the fatal errors and Maelstrom farming should have been things that were caught during the map’s development by a QA team and then fixed before Early Access release. What is the point of having a setting for Ambient Maelstrom monsters when people can just do this? This is just so insanely unacceptable and again, I would really really love to see some sort of explanation as to why the dev team thinks this is okay.

How to reproduce this:

  1. Stand in the center of the Maelstrom with more than 1 person
  2. Just stand there.
  3. Literally thousands of mobs will spawn no matter what your ambient maelstrom mob setting is.
  4. Server FPS will crash to 2-3 and Ping will spike. Server will crash if it tries to go below 1FPS.
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