Just me, or is server fps really bad?

Day 1, no problem. Day 2, no problem… here we are 5 days later, and the last 3 have had regular single digit server fps, and on average, hangs out in the teens. Also seeing regular ping spikes.

Not sure what’s going on here, but at times it borderline makes the game difficult to play in a way I’m sure Funcom is not intending. FC, please take note and look into this. Thanks.

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It might be people in the maelstrom farming mobs. Apparently the spawn rate is very very high and you can go up on a pillar where you’re out of the range of many of their attacks. This results in enormous numbers of mobs which cause the whole server to slow down.

I was on a PvP server earlier today where every interaction had a multi-second delay. There was a clan in chat that was like, “Yeah that’s us. We’re causing the lag by farming mobs in the storm.”

The lag went away as soon as the storm ended.

Possibly just you - i’m finding the frames even smoother in Siptah than the original map - like noticably so.

You talking about your graphics, or server performance?

Ooooh, I didn’t really process that idea. I’ll have to watch and see if any correlation on our server, but that makes sense. Hopefully there’s some fix/optimization they can do to this without reducing the size or challenge of the mobs.

Same. Official server 6445. Server FPS is almost always in the “orange” range (single digits, but above 3). When the server population falls down below 35, the server FPS improves, but it mostly stays in the teens.

The behavior is not consistent with what I’ve seen in Exiled Lands, where the FPS would dip down in spikes, because someone built something that taxes the server and it provokes spikes whenever people are running in and out of its render distances (one for the structure, a smaller radius for the placeables). On Siptah, it’s not a spike, it stays like that most of the time.

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Just a question, are your official servers getting restarted daily? (someone mentioned that theirs doesn’t). It seems that cheesing the storm creates massive sFPS drops.

Crap, another thing I have to remember to check when I log in later. Stop giving me homework, dammit! :smiley:

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no idea, and tbh, not sure where to check…

Event log. Server sth sth (not at the pc atm, can’t check what the filter is called exactly).

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I just checked. Yes, the server is getting rebooted daily.


Also, the server FPS problems are the worst during the Maelstrom.

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