Incredible lag on a pvp server during a raid

We just had an instance where we were raided whilst the maelstrom was occuring and the game was basically unplayable. There were a few things at play here:

Player count must have been around 10ish all up, or just under.

There were a TON of pets present in the base - all of which were killed during the raid.

When both the Maelstrom and pets had been killed, the lag persisted but had improved.

Some things we noticed : there’s an incredible delay when logging in or relogging before you can access your weapons or inventory (they show as blank), and the old favourite of falling through the floor.

The server framerate had dipped to 3 / 4 fps with a ping of 700+

Effectively, this kind of engagement wouldn’t usually cause lag on the original map, but on Siptah its basically unplayable. I was killed twice and both times didnt see what hit me nor that i was even taking damage.

Given the maelstrom had ended, could the wild surges be contributing to really bad server performance? Or left over issues from the malestrom?

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