Maelstrom with a mob of pets

Like the title. I placed 40 pets inside the maelstrom because I was annoyed I was being overrun and then stun locked by 5 monsters.

Now my pets swarm and zerg the maelstrom spawn due to overwhelming numbers.

Is this bad mannered? I want your opinions.

Does it cause massive server-wide lag? If it does, then yeah, not cool. :man_shrugging:

If it doesn’t, then congratulations, you found a good way to deal with the Maelstrom zerg rush! :smiley:


I also attempted this near the centre with about 30 basic sand reapers all levelled to 15 and 3 greater rocknoses while my clan mate and I had a max level reaper queen following each of us, everything filled with food. No performance drop at all as we were harvesting the bodies at the time, but the horde started spawning in more frequently than the pets could kill them. Only the greater rocknose remained, as well as the reaper queens as we gapped it to not die

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I have a feeling that, the more you kill and the more the spawn rate increases. Kind of like a hydra thing where 3 more heads pop up for every one you chop.
Anybody else experienced that?
Yesterday with my mate we were just casually killing things for ??? and when it became too crowded we climbed a rock. We kept killing with all sorts of arrows. It became very scary (I think towards the end there was for sure >50 live monsters around us).
Never seen that mob density in conan before. Thinking how that would affect server performances if we were on official!


The crazy ambush on you starts at 15 min after you have entered the storm. Leaving the storm resets the timer and you can farm peacefully again. Provided that you are not after the crazy respawn to cheese them with poison arrows.


Didn’t know that. Thanks a lot!

Every AI on the server goes in limbo when there is no player nearby :wink:

I don’t know if it causes server wide lag. I imagine there’s a small hiccup of strain when they all simultaneously aggro though. Usually 10 pets get triggered per maelstrom spawn.

I honestly experience way more lag during a surge due to loot/bodies.

I cut out the pets that were somewhat useless, like spiders and elephants to reduce that server strain.

I do play on a server with streamers so I can test it out this weekend maybe. If it does cause lag, there’ll be evidence of it I can find.

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Yes, I know. But that has nothing to do with the question. If there are no players around, the pets won’t attack the monsters, either.

Interestingly enough, it seems that the final nail in the server’s coffin aren’t the AIs themselves, but the corpses. When there are multitudes of AIs, the server might groan and creak, and its FPS will go into “orange” with occasional dips into the “red”. But when the players let the corpses pile up, the server FPS gets firmly stuck in the red zone (1-3) and the ping goes from 500 (during the “good moments”) to 1020.

There’s someone – I don’t yet know who – on the official server where I play who does this often and on purpose. The next time it happens, I’m going in naked to snap some screenshots, to post them in a bug. And a freaking report, too, because everyone on the server is complaining when this happens.

Ohh I’m going to check this, good point.
If the corpses cause fps and ping issues for the server it directly explains why the AI is going full ■■■■■■ aswel cause of the high ping.

Should be a do able performance fix on the server side of things I think.

At the very least, if we provide the information to Funcom, it should help them fix it. Maybe I’m an optimist, but I would prefer to see a hotfix, as opposed to relying on banning people who abuse this.


Thematically the idea of the maelstrom becoming so powerful that it overwhelms even good setups is kinda cool, honestly. Just a shame the servers can’t really handle it. Just too many mobs.

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The same issue happens with containers.

If you have a lot of containers in your base and you stuff them full of 1000 / 500 / 20 stacks, you will have a lot of hitching.

This thing with the bodies causing lag might be related in the same way, since the bodies become containers after death.


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