Developer Stream - October 23, 2020

This stream, the developers will be sharing further information on

  • the ideas and process for the changes to crafting benches, thralls, character re-customization and more.
  • Xbox issues and future console plans.

On stream will be

  • Alexander Shumeyiko, Lead Designer at Funcom Oslo (Norway)
  • Andrew Ryker (Lead System Designer at Funcom Raleigh (USA); and
  • Natascha Röösli, Community Director at Funcom Oslo.

Rewatch the live stream on YouTube:

Read the stream summary

TestLive Patch - October 21, 2020

TestLive Patch - October 23, 2020

Steam Family Sharing setting changes

Producer Letter on Xbox stability issues

See also: Upcoming features on the wiki for more information.

This post is a nod to @Multigun’s stream summaries as always :wave:. You can find a list of all stream summaries on the above page.


Hey Exiled Exiles and Siptah Exiles alike,

You can find all information in the top post above.
I’ll be posting a direct feed 10 minutes prior to the stream.

Correct me if I’m wrong anywhere. Keep in mind it’s almost winter time in some places.

Edit: CEST time has been corrected in the top post.

The stream had its CEST time corrected. It’s 5 PM CEST, not 3 PM CEST. Stream starts in less than 2 hours.


I’m a little late. We’re live!

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Alex dropping bombs like he’s planning a career in hip hop

Alex: “Drop the beat!”

Community: “Yes! Drop the beat!”

Alex: “Drop the base!”

Community: “Yes! Drop the base!”

Alex: “Let’s blow the roof off!”

Tascha: “Wow, wait! Scott is going to–”
Andrew: audibly dies inside

Community: “oh no…”
Also community: “Yes! Blow the roof off!” :metal:

I hope to update the Upcoming features wiki page with all of today’s content this weekend if possible, but we’ll see.

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Rewatch the live stream
Rewatch the live stream on YouTube, you can find the video in the top post.

Hope nobody gets a scolding for a “leak”. It’s exciting for the player base to have an idea what the plan is, even if it can’t get delivered as intended. To know our devs are working towards something awesome, gives us reason to stay excited about the future of the game. I loved the first time they mentioned other “land masses”, and Alex talking about new lands during this stream suggests… new lands? I mean. It could be a number of things, but I am all for having other places to explore, be they from the original map, or new entirely and a continuation of Siptah. Looking forward to new lands as, exploration is a big part of this game.


Certainly something to look forward to, many feel Siptah is not ‘big enough’ in so far as where to go once you hit 60, a new land whether you walk to it or its phased and you ‘portal’ there would be cool and again, something to look forward to :slight_smile:

Read the stream summary
You can find @Narelle’s stream summary in the top post.

Also, as they’re not feeling the best right now, you can send Multigun a greeting here:

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