Announcement Developer Stream - September 11, 2020

The Isle of Siptah balance and bug fixing update announced:

Official server maintenance - September 15, 2020

Some changes are currently on PC TestLive:

Isle of Siptah paid map expansion DLC and Steam Free Weekend announced:

Developer Stream: Friday, September 11
Learn even more about the upcoming expansion from several key developers!

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Clarification on multi-map, mods, map filters and updates:

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Hmm :slight_smile:


Countdown announcement - September 3, 2020

Daily teaser - September 4, 2020
“On the shimmering threshold Conan stared like a wolf in strange surroundings, ready to fight or flee on the instant.”

Follow the countdown here:

@Fixi This isn’t new. If you’re okay with a spoiler, feel free to read the wiki (I’ve linked it in the top post).
I’d like to keep this thread to stream discussion when it’s proper time.


I’ll have a summary post stream as usual.


All i want to say is Thank you to the whole Funcom Team from Oslo.
Thank you for more than 6000h of playtime in conan for lil price.
I hope this game will life along time like WoW.


Dude. That’s <6 hours a day since the game was first in EA. Take a break lol. I’m just dogging ya a bit since you’ve got way more than I do :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I think we’ll be in good shape for a while. The mods for this game will keep players interested for a long time. And the modding community is churning out newer and crazier cool features day by day.

I just saw a modder display an ability that when an NPC dies with a certain debuff, it rises as a zombie. Its some really cool stuff.


Same, i love this game :slight_smile:


Oof u play so long and have not all achievements? :hushed:

i miss only one so far :slight_smile:

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Some questions to discuss :slight_smile:

1.So this is a map, not a dungeon type of expansion?
2.Does it take place in the east side of the map, near the flotsam in Buccaneer Bay?
3.The “gate” or link to the new map or dungeon will be through a maelstrom at sea?
4.How we get to the maelstrom, by boat?
5.Will non dlc players see something changed there to the existing map at all, or just cant interact with it?
6.Will it be possible to travel back and forth with a thrall and the mount?
7. I guess if it is a new dungeon type map we cant build there?
8.If it is a new map with a “link” to the old map, will it be possible to build a base in the new map?
9.Are there obeliks that you can interact with and teleport from my map room to the new map?


That is alot of good questions.


Is there a reason why they use a screenshot from the eastern area to display last times regular update?
The plot unveils!


All i can say, im pretty hyped up. Also, almost 15k hours? Guess you got your moneys worth from this game.

  1. If it’s a new map, will we be able to play only in the new map? Or will we need resources from the old map to build or craft?


I just hope its an entirely new map for one reason, server population. If its a extensions of the current map where you travel via loading screen to a new zone, then the 40-70 man player cap will spread the population way to thin where you rarely will meet people. I hope this isnt the case


I think the added Achievements on steam is explaining that its somehow connected or am i wrong?

Daily teaser - September 5, 2020
In the citadel, in a chamber with a domed ceiling of carven jet, and the fretted arches of doorways glimmering with strange dark jewels, a strange conclave came to pass.

The countdown continues on


Daily teasers are posted on Conan Exiles’ Twitter here.


Steitsch over on the Steam forums would say “may the odds be ever in your favor”. Let’s wait and see, we can only speculate :slight_smile:


Daily teaser - September 6, 2020
I have heard tales of giant towers and walls glimpsed afar off by sailors who dared go part-way up the river.

Mark your calendar and bookmark the countdown for the announcement on the 10th!
Follow it here:

Daily teasers are posted on Conan Exiles’ Twitter here.