The worst DLC, Funcom is falling into old patterns, is not worth buying

The worst DLC, Funcom is falling into old patterns.

Funcom has once again outdone itself.

A beautiful island, devoid of any life, with poor interaction.

The whole island looks the same everywhere, no biopheres, hardly any NPC, just boring animals that are mostly already known.

There are no caves, no hiding spots to discover, just boring.

Yes, it’s only Early Access, but Funcom will then be allowed to use the DLC
Don’t sell as a mega-renewal, but rather as a Boring Dead Land.

Basically you have the feeling that every base should be immediately visible, and everything revolves around the fact that all players run to the middle of the island to beat each other there. That’s all .

Then you should farm the dungeon like stupid to trigger an event that brings thralls.

Conclusion .

A boringly beautifully designed island without any storry or PVE content.

Worst of all is the dead world without life and variety.

For this huge announcement, we should have expected a lot more in Early Access.

Sipath can’t even keep up with Rust, even then the world is more alive.

I know Funcom doesn’t like criticism but without criticism there are no improvements either, let’s see how long Funcom leaves this post standing.


What i forget … you get no Conan feeling while playing.

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Hey @Kyra

Criticism is fine and it’s useful to bring improvements, as you mentioned. For those improvements to happen, however, we’d need more concrete feedback to act upon and improve Isle of Siptah during its Early Access period.
Moving this thread to its appropriate section.


Funcom did a great Job with Conan Exiles … please continue this way.

Fill this Land with alot of

  • NPC Camps / Towns
  • Caves
  • More difrent looking Areas like Vulcano/Snow/dessert or somelike that
  • More ways to get Thralls , Falling Thralls from the Sky looks like a Joke
  • Make Farmspots , now we can Farm Blackice in a Wooden Area, thats Bad

doesn’t force us to farm instances again and again in order to achieve something, if you’ve seen a dungeon 5 times or more, that’s enough and it’s just annoying

We Want hidden Caves , hidden Spots to Build a Base

So Far… and hopeful


Loving the update. Servers running less heavy (so far) with CPU and Bandwidth - even when heavily modded. The actual island looks so incredible and detailed it’s almost a shame to build on - at least the new build pieces blend in mostly, and those redwood forests are amazing. A bit creepy being attacked by what look like feral Alsatian/Shepherd hounds, but the challenges are real.

Am looking forward/hoping that the challenges will continue getting harder and that some more tension gets introduced with more scary stuff. More creatures should hide in bushes/on rocks waiting for their prey like they do in real life [a hint to the excellent Art Dept thralls over at Funcom]


I completely agree. This DLC is all about trying to make Conan a battle royale and it’s sad to see this.

Please do add as Kyra suggested:

  1. NPC Camps/Towns
    The entire map feels lonely, devoid of life aside from the occasional creature. Adding human NPC’s
    could help with that a lot. If the original conan had been the same way, think of how boring
    wandering that map would have been.
  2. Caves please. Bringing in some low level dungeons to add some variety other than grinding out
    levels via fighting land based creatures would be much more enjoyable and immersive.
  3. For that matter, the creatures in the biomes don’t really match the biomes… I know this is fantasy
    but Aligators in the redwoods? Hyenas in the redwoods? Spiders out in the open fields instead of
    dark and scary places? Please make a little more effort in applying creature types to match a look
    and feel of a location.
  4. More varied biomes for sure.
  5. It’s sad to see the purge go away… it was really quite fun to every now and then have to defend your
    base from attacking creatures or human npc’s. I know the Surge is in replace of that, but having to
    run to the storm and then again, battle royale at those locations is very contrived and gimmicky. Be
    different and not follow all the trends of battle royale.
  6. Resource gathering is a bit odd too now with Black Ice in such odd locations. For that matter, at the
    easy start locations, getting aloe is pretty hard to find and as it’s one of the journey steps, perhaps
    add some aloe near there? Getting aloe in the harder starting areas is way easier… odd choice.
    Also, why are there zero, I mean zero, sticks in the redwood forest areas? No small stones for
    that matter, but no sticks in a forest???
  7. Again I know this is early access, but part of exploring is finding cool spots that aren’t easily visible,
    or caves, loot, rare creatures, etc… this map, other than the random loot box, contains none of that.
    The only driver to leave your base is to go to the storms to get thralls or the main Maelstrom to fight.
    Where is the incentive to explore this land that you guys so lovingly built… why put the effort into
    making the visuals, the light, the few biomes, etc, so pretty when all we are going to do is these
    three things:
    A. Harvest resources, ideally near our base to build our base.
    B. Go to small storm to get low level thrall or go to high level dungeon and hope to get resources
    for the big storm.
    C. Go to big storm to get high level thralls and fight big cool monsters.
    This list seems very limiting and needs a lot of work. Conan Exiles was fun to explore and had sooo
    many places to see, loot to find, religions to learn, rare thralls to hopefully find, etc… This dlc
    doesn’t have any of that. I really do hope that there is more to come and that you guys will fill out
    this world like you did with Conan Exiles… and please keep the solo player in mind as well as the
    MMO peeps.

Thank you for your time and I do hope you read these and take them to heart…


I died in an underwater cave yesterday, havent found out where it leads to yet.

So have you explored everything yet? it released yesterday?

I think not.


Hey NORfem,

I haven’t, that’s kinda not the point, but consider this… how long did it take for you to find a cool location to explore, cave, etc in Conan Exiles… not long I would imagine. This map has very few instances of that and the ones I have found you have to wear protection to go through them as the gas will hurt you. Regardless, my point was that it was devoid of a lot of what the original Conan had and that I’d like to see them add to it…hence the statement and understanding that this is early release…yada yada yada…


Did you explore properly? There’s a cave straight next to the starting beach of the northwest area. I was even surprised by how well it was hidden compared to the average “in your face” caves of the Exiles Lands. Not saying there couldn’t be more but there’s definitely hidden nooks and crannies for those who seek.

This said it was filled with acidic vapors so I haven’t had the chance to actually explore it yet.

Also there’s literally a journey steps about “Finding an Acheronian Obelisk” with a description about how “if anyone can say anything about what happened there, it’s them” that make it REALLY sounds like this map’s equivalent to lorestones. So it definitely sounds like this map has lore work planned for it if it isn’t in yet.

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We already have the exiles lands, so why do you want the exiles lands 2 in a Rust style, same map, same npc camps at differents locations?

I think it is good to have a new map style, like a battle royale, something new that can evolve in time.

Then you play the map you prefer!


I don’t know how is it going to be for ToS, but when CE went to EA back in 2017 it was very different without any other biome, only the desert, after months of development they introduced the north and later the jungle and volcano.

I haven’t played much yet so i haven’t explored all but i think it’s too early to say it’s worthless just because you try to play it as if it was the Exiled lands. You are the sole survivor from a sinking ship and you land in a misteryous island with a huge tower and remnants of old civilizations, then a huge maelstrom forms in the middle of the island.

I think there could be more human settlements as some of them fall from the sky anyway, what if they killed their summoners and decided to form their place, harvesting whatever comes from the island and scavengers of all those ships that crashed on the island.

I believe this DLC is yet to be seen it’s true potential and i’m hoping to explore it all and at the same time seeing develpment and more value for the customer. after all, it’s another way to play the game but not conected to the main map.

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I played a few hours yesterday, and I have explored maybe 10% of the map, if that. Heck, I could’ve run across the whole map and I still wouldn’t have explored more than 35%. The reason I say that is because I have over 3000 hours in Exiled Lands, and after all that time, I still sometimes run into things I’ve never seen before.

I’ve criticized Funcom vocally for many reasons, but one thing they do extremely well is the world-building. There’s always something new to discover, something to look at more carefully.

So give yourself time to poke inside all the nooks and crannies before you continue asking for more.

Especially if it’s just asking for “more of the same”. Let’s face it, if you wanted Funcom to make the Exiled Lands bigger, it’s time to understand that they didn’t do it and it wasn’t an accident. You didn’t get what you wanted. It happens. Accept it and move on.


This reminds me that… like my own brother at some point was disapointed about how “little there was to do except building stuff and fighting random thrall camps”… in the Exiled Lands.

But his way of playing was basically “what’s the most optimal path to the best material” and basically none exploration.

He didn’t even know about the Dregs until he was already mining Star Metal Ore in the north and only because I told him because he never looked at Journey Steps to find the step titled “Defeat the Abysmal Remnant”

I could understand if Siptah indeed had less stuff to discover than the Exiles Lands but something tells me it’s still got a decent amount of nook and crannies. I very easily came close from missing the acid gas cavern I’d found in the southwest beach where I started if it hadn’t been for the map marker popping up on my map. And even then it still took me searching before seeing the tiny entrance so well it was concealed ! XD

So this accident alone makes me further curious to discover on my own what else might be similarly hidden. It was really hard to spot unlike the usually more obvious cave entrances in the Exiles Lands and in a way I kind of liked that.


Gotta complete agree with Kyra here. Already requested a refund from Steam. Why put out a new map and have it be less content than the original map? Can’t wait to see what modders do with map making though. Back to Exiled Lands for me until then.


The thing I was most disappointed about was no new thralls/camps. Not a ton even… But at least a couple, perhaps with a new faction we havent yet encountered would have been awesome. The map itself looks awesome, the vaults are cool. Mixed feelings on the surge. Hunting thralls and searching for that one rare one you need was always fun. The mechanics to getting a really good thrall now are a bit tedious, but maybe we’ll get used to it? Idk. Definantly need more aloe … Especially near starting points now that healing has changed so much

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I love how they couldn’t fix the thralls falling through the ground so they just added it as part of the lore in the new map. At least we now know where all our missing thralls are meant to have ended up. :slight_smile:


Comon Guys , u can fly arround the map at single player , so yes ive seen 90% of the map.
its the same everywhere .

Battle Royal was a great example , If Funcom wanted to make a PVP without other Interest they should call it “CONAN PVP MAP” . at this Point Siptah has nothing to do with the Conan Exiles.

Yes its a new way to Play the Game …
Open Fiels arround the Tower , Just Space for PVP … Thats the Storry , meet in the middle do PVP and thats it.
If you dont like Conan Exiles , go play Siptah. thats what it looks like.

I wish Funcom had told us earlier that siptah was only developed for PVP.

Everyone … fly arround the Isle and see it at your own … this map is for PVP Only Build.
they dont wont you to stay 2 Years or more on one server and build a big nice base.

By the Way i got 6000 Hours on one PVP Server …

Yeah at the moment i wish people had the option to refund , just to give players the option to show funcom thay maby go the wrong way.


i was smoking a cigartte and got an idear …

why not increase the durability of building parts based on how long they have been standing?
that would make people just want to wipe others
harder make people scare away from the server who have been on it for a long time.

a building that takes a long time to build, repaired and invested a lot of time should not be able to be destroyed and completely looted in a few hours.
many players who want to build beautifully and beautify the map with their buildings can sleep more soundly :slight_smile:

without having to forego pvp.
pvp doesn’t have to be about complete destruction.

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well personnaly i really enjoy this release and have lot of fun, new ambiance, a difierent gameplay, a new way to learn to fight pvp, so i think they did great. sure i would have liked to have conan exiles & siptah linked . i still hope they will add no ping server for siptah, for moment only complain i have.

for me it show the potential that this game still have, there is so much to do to make conan the best game ever (and by the way the most profitable product for the company)


You want… I’m Happy for now and take it easy. Rome wasn’t built on a single day either.