Lets face it isle of siptah is a disaster

Hi there,
After going through all the first game stages with all the buggs, etc, many of them by the way where never really fixed, Conan exiles was finally playable. Then may this year funcom starts to mess around with the game in such a way that it has turned it umplayable for many and full of buggs and problems for those who can still manage to loggin the servers.
And then FINALLY they create the isle of Siptah that crashes it all, ITS A TOTAL FAILURE, we dont want to restart with all the buggs and problems, we want to play the game as we did before FUNCOM LIVE SERVICES CAME INTO SCENE and by the way, you should of made isle of siptah download OPTIONAL, I dont want it and most of the people I know that played the game agree.
How can you destroy the best survival game ?


To be fair here, if you don´t want the new map simply don´t buy it. There is no one forcing you to spend money for something you have no interest in. To demand everything to be free is outrageous. Funcom worked 6 month on the new map and they can´t working for free for obvious reasons. Most people spent hundreds of hours in the game for the price of 2 pizzas. Other games are way more expensive for less content.

On the Live Servives theme I agree.


I agree and it was predictable …

First it start with the mounts update (mounts are not needed), nerf bombs, break treb (now useless), and thralls level up (not needed). Break movement (a chance this was revert!).

Then we lost the full players list (not hidden), battlemetrics and the 4th archery perk.

Finally with the siptah update (siptah map is not conan), we lost healing from food, and they try to break the raid times 17h/23h 7 days a week.

In the future they want to review the raiding system and the economy + they will come back on raid times, it will finish to destroy the game.

And each update add even more bugs and problems to the game, undermesh and exploits are still there no problem.

A simple question why? Who ask for this? It was my favorite game for almost 2 years …

Instead of this we can have :

  • better thralls AI
  • fixed bugs
  • fixed undermesh
  • fixed exploits
  • better performance
  • better servers

And may be later a new map, but like in rust, the same game with ONLY a new map (with biomes, dungeons, obelisks, npc camps …).

I accept a ban for this post, it is the truth.


that´s not true - absolute not! WE not (pluralis majestatis?)

I don´t want!

Hey - it´s still the best :wink:


That undermesh thing has to stop. I was hoping to be history on this new map but it still a thing in there too people keep build undermesh…

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Did you Managed to make your game Run again?

I think he meant the extra 60 go that downloaded automatically which case I understand but I cannot fully speak on problems since it’s only available on of unfortunately

Stupid autocorrect gb even if you didn’t buy dlc

Lets face it! Isle of Siptah is great!


Take a chill pill and wait until its released to whine.

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If I may say this. I am by far no “community wannabee”. I am known as someone who criticizes Funcom a lot for their desicions and well, I am not a very popular person for doing so, as you may can imagine. But even I don´t see a constructive post here. What I see is that william is hitting the forest very hard with his axe because he is mad as f. Its not, that I don´t understand that feeling. We all are beeing there, at least for once with this game. Be it bugs, crashes or other problems. There are people that lost entire bases through bugs, official server where closed without a warning, the ongoing undermeshing and cheating that is still a hugh problem in pvp. The horses, that literally killed pvp for many people. I understand a lot of that.

But there is always another side to the story and coming to the forums and yelling at Funcom for not making the Isle of Siptah a free download while they have worked their butties off for over 6 month to give people a new conan experience is neither fair nor polite. It simply says to me: hey, look. I don´t care how much work you were putting into it, what good intentions you may had or if you have to feed your family, (especially now with corona virus and a hugh unemployment rate) I paid you 2 pizzas and now I command … In my eyes thats not the way to go.

From a pvp perspective spoken, the new healing system is much better off what we had before. Now you simply can´t heal-outrun every encounter anymore. You have to time and you have to think about your actions, because they have consequences now. And that is a very good thing. For both, pvp and pve situations. The thrall leveling might not be liked by some people, I find it very entertaining and fun and gives you something to do besides building and raiding. Taking care of a thrall, interacting with it, somehow makes the game feel much more meaningfull. Before you simply took your thrall fresh baked out of the oven (wheel) placed it somewhere and forgot about it until he died while defending your home and belongings. Now you have to at least put some effort and care into your companions. But thats just a personal preference.

I acknowledge that it must be very hard for Funcom to server both sides well. The daily life on pve is so much different from pvp. Its very hard to make decisions that will turn out equaly in favor for both sides. Every time you change something people will feel its more a change for the other side then their own. The frustration level is high and so are the expectations. This is not a job I would want to do.


Every change camed with failures…that either have not been fixed or took to much time to fix…

Hence the pending player numbers in this game. So many people enjpy playing this game only to quit a week or two After any Major update/patch.

While I agree with everything that you said (seriously, pretty much every word), I do think you may have misunderstood the original post - he says nothing about wanting Siptah to be ‘free’ - he states that the download should have been ‘optional’, so that people had a choice whether to download it or not. I can understand that perspective - it’s one of the reasons that a friend of mine stopped playing - he bought a game that was advertised as sixty something GB, and wound up with a game that is over 100 GB (and needed more space than that to complete the download - I had to buy a new ssd to download it, despite the existing drive having enough space once the download was finished (because it wasn’t able to download in ‘chunks’ and replace bits as it went; the whole thing had to be downloaded and then it was able to delete the duplicate files)).

That said - I do think the ‘option to download’ approach has other issues to consider - CE is a heavily server oriented game - and if players are not all playing on the same edition, then they cannot possibly play on the same server. While it could be possible to fix the rules so that official servers require the latest update, and private servers could be free to choose the edition they play, that does add an extra layer of complexity to the server situation (and god knows that doesn’t need to be made more complicated…). Think of how often people come to the forum to complain that their game is broken only to find out that they are running a bunch of out-of-date mods - now multiply that by the numbers of people that would be complaining about things because they haven’t bothered to update to the correct version…

But ultimately, all arguments about having an option to download updates or not are irrelevant - the terms and conditions we all agreed to when downloading the game included agreeing to take all updates - so we have no choice in the matter. Personally, I would quite like it if we could roll back to whatever version we preferred (PVPers could at least have private servers running earlier metas without horses, people that don’t like the new healing could go back to before the change etc etc), but I accepted the agreement, so that’s how it is…

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Yeah, the 60+ Gb download did come as an uninvited surprise. My SSD survived it, but that’s not something you can just drop on your customers as one of your regular updates.

I understand that many of Siptah’s features were unseparable from the main game, so many of those Gb’s were probably necessary, but one would assume that the resources for the new map weren’t necessary to update the old game. I guess I was wrong in my assumption, but I think it’s still a fair question to ask whether it could’ve been made work differently.

That said, I do think @william1 should remember that the Siptah expansion is still in Early Access, ie. not finished. So whereas complaining about the massive download is valid, ranting about the bugs should wait until full release. Constructive feedback regarding said bugs should be done via the official bug reporting channels using the template provided for the task, so as to make Funcom’s job at fixing those bugs easier.


Not needed? Sure… But these new systems GREATLY added to the game…

I honestly think Funcom could cure cancer and there would be a plethora of people coming to these forums to even complain about that!!!

“How dare you Funcom!!! How dare YOU!!!”


Which one? Full leveld thralls are worse than pre-leveling system. So what did that add?

Mounts destroyed PvP. So what did that add? Same with bombs and treb?

Movement maybe… But its also heavy tied to PvP community.

Thing is though, the world could be on fire, or a massive famine with billions of lives on the line, and their actions would be to cure cancer. Helpful, awesome, but not needed at the moment when there are other issues that need addressing first.

ALL of these systems GREATLY added to the game. Funny as hell to even see people now bashing thrall leveling.

“We want our gimped thralls back!!! How DARE Funcom add new features!!! HOW DARE YOU ALLOW US TO LEVEL THRALLS!”

Mounts destroyed PvP? Only for people that cannot adjust to change, unable to discover new tactics and strategies, and miss dodge rolling halfway across the map in Darfari armor.

To the Funcom devs, keep up the good work! The game keeps getting better and better with every new update!

I now leave you all to your regularly scheduled program of Funcom developer bashing and perpetual whine-fest.


The original post was about a free siptah update. He must have changed it later on.

I am myself not that happy about the extra 60gb download. Its not that I don´t understand the frustration or try to shovel it under the rug. But on the other side the community at least got a new big update and the chance to play and enjoy Conan Exiles for at least another year. Some might not care about this fact, but others do and appreciate it greatly.

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Ah, well that would explain it. I could not see how you’d got that impression from the post I read - but if it got edited after you answered it, that makes far more sense.

Edit: (While showing how edits should be handled for clarity :wink: ) Agreed again on the approach to the update (certainly wasn’t meaning to suggest that I was upset by it - a little perturbed by the size, maybe :wink: - more just trying to suggest I can understand why others might be (and, of course, as a result of the edit, arguing a completely different point than you were)).