Funcom live services a complete failure

Since funcom changed the system to FUNCOM LIVE SERVICES all is a mess, we have lost servers, hundreds of hours of materials and gear, thralls dont behave properly, continuos bugs, armors have lost temperature properties, etc, etc.

And you should of made ISLE OF SPITAH PATCH oprional because some of us DONT WANT IT. we want the game we were playing before june.


I don’t think FLS has anything to do with Siptah but ok.

Yeah I know that isle of Spitah has probably nothing to do with all the probelmas BUT, when they started the FUNCOM LIVE SEERVICES all turned into a mess and instead of fixing the problems or rolling back and testing changes before its too late, they release the patch Isle of Spitah in the middle of all the chaos caused by FUNCOM LIVE SERVICES.
I cant find all my usual servers and have lost builings, gear, alllllllll. grrrrrrrrrrrr

Never had an issue with FLS. Well except for it being responsible for my Toolbox not working anymore, but that’s MY problem.

Not matter how upset people are, FLS are here to stay. :woman_shrugging: Personally, I haven’t had any major issues with FLS either but I am aware that certain users experience issues connecting to them (some Win7 users, some AMD users, etc.). There are also various high ping issues related to FLS but they are being worked on and there are a few workarounds provided until a fix is released.

my word

Hi thks for the replies my windows is 8,any idea why all crashes after the message CONNECTING TO FUNCOM LIVE SERVICES, I cant even see the servers lists and end up in a fatal error.

Big texh needs to know everything you do, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

If it was made for the players, it would have had a check box to get rid of it.

Its not for us, its for them.

and it suxs bad


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