October: Next Update?

Referencing the stream about the Q&A on Siptah (early September), it was mentioned that the next update would not come until October. Its October now. Any news on what we can expect to see?

  • Will this be an “economy” update?
  • Will this be a “settlement system” update?

I honestly don’t think its time to add even more new stuff on top of what we got. So many bugs to fix, mechanics to rebalance and fine tune, and we just had and entire new map…

Which could easily be the “next update.” I know from the stream that ‘now that the new healing system is in place’ they want to look at ‘thirst and hunger’ mechanics to straighten that out. Is that part of the “new economy” or just a slice of it? Who knows. But an update IS coming in October. I just wonder what its going to be since they are revamping Conan Exiles as a game.

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I put my money on the “economy” update.


That makes a lot of sense, a new update doesn’t need to be necessarily brand new things. That seems nice

I would love to see what their vision for the settlement system is.


Yeah fix what was added first please, before adding more content! Great work on the Isle of Siptah!


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What can I expect? I’m clueless haha

I have no idea!

First time I’m hearing about this, since they scrapped something that sounded like a settlement system for the original release.

They also scrubbed mounts back then, so it could be anything!

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my man, you almost guessed it

I don’t think the hotfix counts. I was referring to their actual update they have planned.

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Nope, i was referring to Chaoruk predicting about the glowing goop fix. For some reason the reply didn’t go to him :confused:

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