Live or Testlive? What path will the new Siptah changes be taking?

Hi Dev team, just curious as to what path the new changes to Isle of Siptah will be taking (based on the producers letter)? Will the content be going out via Testlive and then onto Live or will it be straight to Live like the original Siptah early access release?

I’m about to fire up a new pair of servers for myself and some friends and want to make sure its the branch that’ll be seeing the new Siptah content ASAP!

2.3 isn’t coming out anytime soon. 2.2 isn’t even done being tested on Testlive. When 2.3 is ready, it’ll go on Testlive first.

But it did go out via Testlive. Our best modders and our most respected community members were invited to test it - they just know how to keep secrets :wink:

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