No access to DLC on testlive

I just started playing my testlive save again and noticed I didn’t have access to my DLC anymore. What can I do about this?

It is something to do with the FLS. At the moment TestLive is 3 patches behind Live as well. You may want to consider playing Live instead of TestLive at this point.

I wanted to play testlive because of the issues caused by the recent update. Once they have things balanced out again I’d be willing to play live but until then I’d prefer to play testlive.

TestLive has the Siptah update as well though just an older version of it.

I won’t get Siptah until it’s out of early access so I’m not really concerned with it. I just want to be able to play what I have. But apparently I can’t do that. I can’t do it on live because the update made it much too likely to lose thralls and I can’t on testlive because testlive isn’t using my DLCs.
The fact that testlive is behind in updates doesn’t really matter. I’m not as concerned about losing stuff on testlive as I am on live. But if I’m going to play on testlive I would like to at least have access to my bought and paid for DLCs.

Btw, what do you mean by FLS? Sorry, my acronym speak isn’t up to snuff.

Funcom Live Services

You have to play on live servers, Test live servers are for testing patches.
I know, siptah is on early acces, thus on test mode, but that’s what you have. you can either play single player, the exiled lands online or buy siptah and play on siptah.

You cannot test the expansion without buying it.

I’m not trying to test the expansion.

@Cyryus He is talking about the issue that prevents us from accessing 4 of the DLCs. It has been reported multiple times and started when FLS were introduced. The issue is specific to the TestLive branch. It is yet to be resolved.


The only difference seems to be that none of my DLCs are recognized, not just the four. When I tried to troubleshoot thru Steam it says I have no DLCs. I of course do and they work on the main client but are not recognized on testlive. Perhaps it’s an issue between testlive and Steam.

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