How to access Testlive as it is missing in Steam

I used to have Testlive in Steam favorite as I tested Isle of Siptah for several months before the official launch and reported bugs as I was seeing them. I am retired and have plenty of time to play, test and report bugs. Right now Testlive is missing from steam and I would like to know how to get this running and back in my favorites. I try the Properties of Conan, Beta tab but there is nothing to choose beside None option. I have plenty of room on my PC so a full install again is not an issue. Help in setting this up would be appreciated.


Thanks for your help, and suggestions guys, I figured it out, I had hidden the game from the library. Right-clicking the game, Manage and Unhide option solved my issue.

You won’t find it in the CE properties. It’s basically like a separate game with it’s own individual Steam library entry. Scroll down to the uncategorized section of your library and see if it’s in there.

What Glurin said, you need the separate client:


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Thanks Glurin but I do not have an Uncategorized Section in my library as I moved everything from there a while back to another section and no it is not there. just wondering how to trigger the download/install of the Testlive Client. Also when I look in my steam directory the Testlive is there but an old version probably Siptah from way back when.

When you are in the launcher, click on “more” then “install testlive”, or whatever the exact wording is. It’ll download the client (another 40GB so brace yourself)
In my screenshot you’ll see what I mean, it now says “launch testlive” or “continue testlive” as I’ve already downloaded the client.

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