Missing DLC's in Testlive

Single player, no mods, PC.

Testlive will not allow me to use most of the DLC’s I have paid for, as well as the Royal Armour from the barbarian edition. Currently DLC’s I can not use in testlive are: Aquilonian, Frontier, Khitan, and Yamatai. This became a problem when Siptah first arrived on Testlive, I was hoping the set of patches would of corrected the problem.

Via patch notes

Currently Known Issues

  • Names of all NPCs on dedicated servers are missing and they are all [PERFORMER] type.
  • Some DLCs are not functional on this build (The Imperial East, The Savage Frontier, The Jewel of West, The Seekers of The Dawn).
  • This is a Work in Progress build. As such, some features might not be working as intended or missing. Please send us your feedback about any problems you might encounter while testing this build.
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cool…thanks. missed them notes

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