Testlive Patch (13.06.2020) - DLC issue

I purchased all of the DLCs as they were released. After the last patch release, I noticed now that the following DLCs show the Green Triangle as if I do not own them.


I am going to go into my LIVE SP game to see if I have the same issue there.

EDIT: All of the DLCs are available in my LIVE SP game.


Well I see that the Testlive Patch/Hofix (18.06.2020) did not fix this issue.

Private Dedicated TestLive (no mods):

Same issue with the exact same DLCs:


/agree. The first shot clearly shows I own Aquilonian (green triangle shows enabled). The second shot shows the Aquilonian set is missing.

Private testlive dedicated server, no mods.

There may be some confusion between owning/enabled and the available crafting recipe that I missed. Could it be we are talking about two different things?



Green arrow indicates that you have no access to this dlc. Look at your argossean. It has no green arrow and you have the recipes in your crafting menu. I hope I didn’t misunderstand your post.

Can confirm the same issue is present on my end as well.

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A similar issue is being reported on the current Xbox live build:

Pst your content is great. Just saying ;D

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I have the same issue, and duplicated it on a 2nd PC. Made a separate post a little earlier.

Issue still persists. Unable to access DLC recipes which I own. Makes it a pain to create/repair gear.

Pyx, sorry, but this issue will persist at least until we get a revision. I can always find some DLCs that are active in the crafting benches to serve my needs.

There is no active support for testlive other than testing builds for releasing to live. Since the problem does not exist on live, it’s kind of a moot point, but I suspect it has to do with the ID system put in place.

Having said that, I and a few others are enjoying our time on a dedicated testlive server and having fun, mostly in preparation for the next drop.

I hope you have fun !



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I can confirm, still missing my DLCs even though now the revision of both Live and TestLive is the same. They work fine on Live but no joy on TestLive.


Argos is the only DLC I own, so I’ve been blissfully unable to verify this one for myself and have instead remained silent on the matter until now :grinning:

Update. After the latest patch, my DLC (Khitan and Frontier) are still not available in Testlive. Below is the message from Steam automated support. Steam seems to treat Testlive as a different game, and I can’t imagine we need to purchase DLC twice to use it on both Live and Testlive. If so, it would be nice if someone from Funcom could confirm what the deal is, so I don’t keep hoping to use my DLC and can focus instead on feedback on the actual game. :slight_smile:

No, you do not have to buy twice. This is a temporary thing and probably due to the IDs not matching or Steam not recognizing you as, well, you.

I own all the DLCs but only have access to a few of them on TL, which was not the case earlier; all were available.

I’m sure it will get sorted soon. Please do not waste your money :slight_smile: