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[ I have Savage Frontier and Khitan DLC and neither are activated when I play the Testlive Client. I repeated the same issue on 2 separate computers, running Win10 and Win10 Pro; same steam account of course. I play single player on both, but tried an official PVE server briefly for the purpose of checking this out, and the DLC had the green arrow indicating they have to be purchased. I have played the normal client on a PVE server using 3 different computers with access to DLC for quite a while, so am sure this is a Testlive Client issue. I saw others on the Steam forums with the same issue.
Not sure if it is related, but when I click on the Testlive Steam “Store Page”, it is linked to the generic Steam store page. Clicking this from the normal CE game goes to the actual CE store page showing the DLC etc.]

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Own Khitan and Frontier DLC
2.Play Testlive client single player, and official PVE server (once only)
3.DLC content is not available

/agree, Ye. I have all of the DLCs and some show but some do not provide the recipes. @Narelle got me to look at it closely because she found it first. There are a few threads about it on this board.

I have no idea if it is intentional or not, it just is. What I can say, with certainty, is that it does not propagate to live with the updates. All of my DLC schems are there.

I’m just kinda living with it :man_shrugging:



I wasn’t the first to notice, there were a few people reporting it, I just re-confirmed their findings: Testlive Patch (13.06.2020) - DLC issue. As TestLIve is now behind the Live version with the updates, we will need to wait for it to be updated. It will probably correct the issue.

Ever so humble, Narelle, it appears the team has followed closely a live patch with a testlive patch. Not saying that I witnessed all of them, but I’ve been playing TL the past few days and watching both.

They may be in synch.



Right now they’re in sync with PC Hotfix (29.06.2020) - Server browser, connectivity and Friends List fixes, but not with the server-side fix for the whitelisting issue.

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