Question on patch coming out of test to live

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The patch notes in the official patches thread are only update thru the 12-21-2018 patch that went to test live. the 1-30-2019 update to the patch is not listed. Is the entire test live patch that includes 1-30-19 updates, being released to PC tomorrow (hopefully :slight_smile: ) or is it just the stuff listed in the 12-21-18 update?

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It’s the version that’s on testlive now, so the whole thing. Not sure why the notes weren’t archived, they are floating around somewhere.


I assumed that (because that makes logical sense), but for forums sake, just wanted it to be official word. There are trolls looking for excuses to Funcom bash lately on patch notes not being clear. They know who they are :wink:


Yes, the upcoming live patch will include all the changes, fixes and additions included in both the Dec 12th and Jan 30th Testlive patches. It will be MASSIVE. Normally, we would have released them separately but we had the Christmas break in-between as well as some urgent issues we had to deal with on Live. Anyways, back to the topic, yeah… the new patch will be massive :slight_smile:


I started a private server on PS4 just because of the NPC changes, and some of the god changes. I hope i can get some traffic and make it somewhere for people to enjoy these changes.

I was actually confused about this myself @WhatMightHaveBeen . Thankyou for the clarification, and much like yourself, I am excited for this impending update.

@Jens_Erik This may seem like a small thing, but on the patch log page, it’s very confusing to have the least important portion of the date (the day) listed first, esp since whether the day or month is traditionally listed first varies from country to country.

Could you perhaps list them in Year - Month - Day format instead? It would greatly improve the readability.

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The only format that is unambiguous.

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How is it any less ambiguous than MON-DD-YYYY or DD-MON-YYYY? Or for that matter even DD-YYYY-MON? As long as you can easily differentiate what represents what, it doesn’t really matter what order you put them in.

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Except for people who do not recognise the English abbreviations of the month … no easy answer. And usually you can figure out from other context which date it is Eg 11-2-19 posted a few days ago is clearly referring to or from 11 February 2019 and not 2 November 2019 or 19 February 2011 as neither of those dates make sense in the context of the post.

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as a report writer and sql coder, i name my sheets with YYMMDD, It keeps all lines and workbooks in an easy to order way. The only other solutiont is to name the patches with the rev before the date. And when looking at a list i inherently identify higher number usually means more current rev. When you see patch 1.05 and patch 1.25, most people know newest is higher. Same Here. If i saw patch 19-01-30 and patch 18-12-21, my mind tells me the higher number is the newest. And there are not 19 months, that must be the year or day. And there are not 30 months and it is not 2030, so in an instant 99% people will notice year-month-day. It is called identification, and is a form of pattern recognition, which humans excel at, along with deductive reasoning. We do it every day in our lives, we just don’t know it because it is so natural to us.

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So if you mentally default to MM-DD-YYYY format (as do I), then how does the current DD-MM-YYYY format used not confuse you? Early in the month (day < 13) there is no way to distinguish the day and month without some other context to help.

Note that in both MM-DD-YYYY and YYYY-MM-DD the month precedes the day, so the only thing being moved is the Year, which allows one to actually sort in alphabetical order and have everything appear in chronological order vs. being jumbled together.

My preferred method of date-stamp files. Very easy to sort and follow date changes in chronological order.


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