Next patch ? no news since 22 dec

Hello, what happens with the next patch ? no news… since 22 dec ???


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Whilst there hasn’t been a community newsletter so far this year, the community managers have been active on the forums so information is out there if you read their posts … you can do this by looking at the dev tracker and selecting Ignasis or Nicole to look at their posts.
The main news is, in brief:
a) the testlive version of next patch needs to be reworks and updated so more testing can happen before release to live; general estimate until how long until it is ready to go live is a couple of weeks

b) major problems on several servers across multiple platforms with inability to damage enemies, harvest nodes etc and also frequent crashing: see sticked post -

  • note just now Ignasis posted on the matter:

And if you are thinking that has taken a long time, please realise that the coding team only got back to work last week not on the 2nd.


As mentioned, our team took some time off over holidays to spend a few days with their loved ones. I hope everyone here had the time to do the same :slight_smile:

We are currently working on several builds and QA is in the process of testing stability so hopefully we will have more news about the patching schedule soon. In general, we try to keep you updated as much as possible but sometimes we need more time to get enough input to came back to you with info.

Thanks for your patience in this matter.


Well… Funcom initially said that the new patch (which went on TestLive on 12/22) would be released in 2-3 weeks on live. I guess there are still some stuff to be fixed. Even though the due time passed already, we would probably get it on live pretty soon, they should be almost done with it, especially now when all employees are back to work on it.

I hate to wait but to get more fixes in that next patch I’ll wait til then with a grin on my face

Kinda sucks console versions are unplayable over holidays… can only blue screen so many times, or kick stuff during building cause l2/r2 dont work right. XD

I hope funcom had some good times over x-mas and new years… i really like to see this game get patch and work.

You need a ps4 testlive because by time we get patches we already blue screened tyvm Conan Exiles more like consoles exiled

All new information on patch ETA and development focus is now available on the wiki:

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