Livestream night! A look before you buy. Char Creation and beginning gameplay!

At 9pm tonight I will be livestreaming Conan: Exiles early access from character creation and beginning gameplay for all of those who are still curious about buying the game or wanting to have some entertainment tonight.
It will be at: twitch .tv/ nottbyce (without spaces)
Come and see what it’s all about! If you also like the content and want to see more tomorrow or onward please don’t forget to follow!
Sidenote: I also play FFXIV and I’m having a in-game mogstation giveaway when I hit the 50 follower mark so if interested come put a follow in and possibly get lucky!
Other than that enjoy the content if you attend!

https: //w ww .twitch .tv/ videos/ 244482314 (without spaces or find it on my channel!)
If anyone missed it, it will be here for later viewing! Follow and enjoy the video and first impressions!

Did you run this on a testlive server, or a live server?

Custom sandbox mode.

Will be streaming this again tonight (4/1/2018) @ 9pm central time

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Thanks! Looking forward to it!