DM Wyvern - Let's Play Conan Exiles (PC 2020)

Hi Team Conan Exiles!

DM Wyvern here. I recently started Conan Exiles and plan to share my exploration of the Exiled Lands through this Let’s Play.

A couple of things about my Let’s Play. This is an immersive, non-expert playthrough. I know nothing about Conan Exiles and will make countless mistakes around the way. And some episodes will be more exciting than others, so I apologize if some of them drag from time to time.

This Let’s Play takes place on a private server I have rented out for myself and my friends. This is a Vanilla server - no mods, in short, this is Conan Exiles right out of the box. I hope you enjoy the journey and support it by subscribing to my channel and liking my videos. :slight_smile:





















Episode 1 - The Journey to Freedom Begins

Character creation! Conan Exiles let’s you select your race and religion as part of character creation. Al the classic Conan literature races and religions are here. I choose to go with a classic Barbarian character and selected Nordheimer as my race and Ymir as my religion.

Next up. The look of my character. Conan Exiles gives you a robust system to customize the look of your character, all the way down to the -ahem- I chose the never out of style: Ragnar Lodbrok meets Khal Drogo look for my character.

When you finish character creation, you get to discover why (allegedly!) your character has ended up crucified in the Exiles Lands. Your sins and crimes are randomly generated and always get an early laugh from me when I see why I ended up here. In the case of my character, I ended up in this vacation spot for the crimes of:

Villany and Rascality (Sounds legit)
Decapitation of a Priest (Being a Nordheimer, this checks out)
Skullduggery and Buggery (Nordheimer, this checks out too - farm animals everywhere beware!)

And there you go. Character creation is done and you are left to your gruesome fate…


The one and only Conan the Barbarian himself shows up out of the waste.

And takes an interest in my plight.

Almost on a whim he frees me.

And then abandons me to my fate - and a sandstorm that engulfs both Conan and myself.

When the storm clears I find myself on some place called the Broken Highway and stumble across this ominous tablet. Interacting with it I discover that there is no escape and I must follow all roads back to the city - it refers to me as Slave - but I get the sinking feeling that the race that created these tablets and the slaves that served them are eons gone. Vanished, save for these grim signposts.

I press on, looking for a way out of the wastes - and then stumble across a gigantic bat like creature feasting over a corpse. It roars at me in warning before thankfully taking to the skies and flying away. Weakened and equipped as I am, I am sure it could have easily torn me apart had it wishes to do so.

I run through the wastes looking for shelter, food and water.

Trees and grass! Water must be nearby. I quickly get to work harvesting plant fibers to make myself some clothing.

Now somewhat protected against the elements… I forge deeper into this area I have discovered.

And now armed with a primitive stone implement.

It doesn’t take me long to discover more signs of an ancient civilization. Towering above the river, I witness The Sentinels for the first time.

And soon stumble upon my neighbors here. They immediately set upon me and try to kill. I am forced to defend myself…

… and end up killing the first of many foolish souls that would draw arms against me.

Now clothed and armed, I set my attention towards crafting my first shelter…

… soon my efforts pay off.

And my first, humble home in the Exiled Lands arises.


Good reaction by eating that raw meat, the food poison will not kill u as fast as starving will.
The easier way would have been to gather some bugs fast from bisher, eating 1 insect gives u 2% to the food Meter, just enough until u can cook some meat.

Good Luck with your playthrough mate.


Hi @Coty!

Thanks for checking out the first episode of my LP and the advice. I did take a risk eating that raw meat but I was honestly a little lost during my first hour in-game.

I had forgotten how to craft things! I survived by rummaging around bushes for insects and staying near the water to keep hydrated. I hope to fill out more of the adventure in the original post tonight or tomorrow.

Looking forward to sharing more episodes with you and the rest of the Exiles here soon!

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I loved watching this, it reminded me of how clueless I was when I first started playing. I died so many times I almost gave up. lol


@dmwyvern , Welcome to conan exiles, I am a ps4 veteran player and no matter how silly your reactions are seemed to be, they are so important. Your decision to start a game without having a clue of this game is very honest :+1:. Make sure that you have a new fan here, because I really miss these days on this game and it brings back so wonderful memories. Feel free to ask anything, because no matter how many things are different, the most things are very similar in consoles. Keep it going m8 and once again welcome to the 3xile company. However, do not forget, you are not alone :wink:.


Those early hours in Conan were lots of fun! Glad you got a kick out of the video @JJDancer! :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for the kind words @stelagel! I am hoping for this to be a proper Let’s Play, complete with episode descriptions / storytelling. I hope to fill out the first episode and then plan to start uploading the rest of my episodes over the next few months. I will be sure to get in-touch with you if I need any help, thank you! :slight_smile:

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This game is awesome to discover :smiley: welcome to the exile lands, I’ll be following your journey :smiley:


@Aleetoo , Didn’t it remind you your first days in conan, omg, I really miss these days when hyenas were my greatest opponent and corupted hyena was my nightmare :joy::joy::joy:. I remember trying to farm thick leather from savanna was a great objective, I was building a small 2 foundation base without ceilings, climd in the wall, hit the tiger and then the rhino with a bow, so they will fight each other and I will get the loot :joy::joy::joy:, omg, what a trip my friend, beautiful memories :+1:.


Dude, ur not alone! I was already skipping starting area when the corrupted animals camed to live, but maaaan those stripped hyenas…


Wait @stelagel , those days? hyenas still are my worst nightmare, I only run the noob river to get the dregs obelisk and never come back lol


Well… My first day on a new server is to take all the obelisks, all the religions, most of the cooking and brewing recipes, all the dances most of the e motes, the improved climbing recipe, all the lotus flowers and some dragoon scales before I decide where to build :wink:. The last 2 years I ’ ve played over in 100 different servers official and private, pve to pvp. So, no hyenas are not a problem for me anymore. This run has to be a day that I have a lot of free time because it takes about 6 hours, but Corona virus help a lot on this, unfortunately.

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Back in the day, there were a ton of Hyenas along the western branch of the river going north. I used to dread that run north. Now it seems most are gone, so its an easy run.

Also, back in early access, spiders were mega killers that all spit at you and you couldnt run. Everybody hated spiders back then and everybody carried Set antidote…lol.


I remember that. Even with a full stack of Set antidote, I couldn’t go deep inside the Skittering Caverns because the spiders would respawn really fast.


Try increasing the damage mobs do in the admin panel. Hyenas will once again become a worthy foe.


@helium3 , My dear friend playing in barbaric mode is what you suggest me. I have, barbaric difficulty to all the games is something every lover of the game must do. I always finish every game I like in the greatest difficulty, this is the only way you understand the existence of every single thing in the game. But I cannot solo pve anymore, I fall asleep with the joystick in my hands, only official, but again there is no official server barbaric difficulty :pensive:.

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Man can only dream about it.


Yeah. I switched to a private server a while ago.


@helium3 , Is there a private server pve ps4 barbaric difficulty? @CodeMage once told me that pc has, still ps4 none. I always search placing on the parameters hard core and when I read it is x something xp, instathrall etc… This is not hard core this is bull… t. I asked a lot of times for veteran servers pve officials but as @Coty said I am a dreamer. Anyway, one day my friend, one day. When ps5, finally be available in the market, 45. 000 pre orders in Greece and only 900 delivered still, omg, I will create my own server, but I guess siptah will be finally on ps5 so this plan might wait a bit :wink:.

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I stayed to PC back in august when u I started playing again, so I can’t speak to what’s available on PS4. Renting your own server via gportal (which I did for a bit on PS4) wasn’t very hard.

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