I'm creating a Conan Exiles Testlive Let's Play series and invite everyone to join my Testlive Server


My beloved Exiles, it’s a harsh world out there…but luckily we can all dive into Hyboria and enjoy the warm sun while taking a bath in the oasis.
I rented a g-portal server on which I installed the Testlive version and I would like to invite everyone (from the EU region) on these forum to join me and a small but growing community of fellow exiles, that are on it already. The server was wiped on 26.03.2018 and is located in the EU. The servers IP adress is (server name might change over time), there is no password (currently). I will increase the slot size as needed on the fly.

If you don’t care / aren’t able to join us, I’m also creating a “Let’s Play”-series of playing on the Testlive servers (so much better then live version), you might be interested to watch me play, so here is the playlist link:

Any feedback is appreciated, especially when it is positive. :smiley: