Hyborian Exiled Legion - Server and Testlive Server US/PvP


Hello Exiles!

Wow - First off, really cool forums! Thank you Funcom for providing this for us!

Hyborian Exiled Legion or HEL for short, has been around for over a year now. We have gone through many server changes and hope to provide a great place to play Conan Exiles without the hackers and cheaters that often plague official servers. We are heavily focused on PvP and raiding so if you like blowing stuff up or wanting to try the new combat on some foes, this is the place for you!

Currently our live server and much of the Conan Population has been at a standstill waiting for the combat change. Our testlive server is up for all the testing you wish to do and the original HEL server is up as well. Both direct connect IP’s will be below.

We plan on wiping the original server once they roll out the final testlive version and push it to live. This will include the new combat and monster changes. I’m not sure when that is but if you join our Discord you can see all updates and announcements for when we wipe the server.

Server Discord: discord.gg/S9YJ7mv OR discord.gg/VvtbzUq

Hyborian Exiled Legion Live server - Direct Connect:

  • 3x Gathering
  • 20x XP (subject to change once they push testlive version to live)
  • NO avatars (on the stream they announced they will regain their extreme destruction abilities so we will look into that once we have numbers to check)
  • Raid protection - Check Discord for information!
  • Raiding Times -
  • Weekdays will be 5 pm central to 12 am central US time
  • Weekends will be 10 am central to 1 am central US time
  • Clan size is 8

Hyborian Exiled Legion Testlive Server - Direct Connect:


  • 5x gathering
  • 20x XP
  • NO raid times (raiding is active all the time)
  • NO avatars (might test on the next testlive update)
  • Clan size 10

Please stop in on our testlive if you haven’t checked out the new combat system and once they patch everything to live, we will wipe our main server.

We currently are looking for new admins or moderators for the server / discord and if you are interested, please let me know on our Discord.

Thank you for checking us out, if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback about the server, please DM me on Discord. Hope to see you on one of the servers in the future!


HEL Live Server: Direct Connect:
HEL Testlive: Direct Connect:


You gotta set your discord link to never expire…we tried a few times only to get a link expired notice.


Hi Digital , very odd … it is set to never expire. I made a new one though. Make sure to type out the entire discord HTTPS part, it wont let me post a link here. discord.gg/VvtbzUq


Hello everyone,

We have applied the new testlive patch and wiped the current map. You will be able to join at 2 PM Central Time (US).

Same settings as before:

HEL Testlive: Direct Connect:

  • 5x gathering
  • 20x XP
  • NO raid times (raiding is active all the time)
  • NO avatars
  • Clan size 10

Stop on by and claim your land!

Discord: discord.gg/VvtbzUq

  • Ragnar