🌎 Welcome to the Hyborian Age! | 5x Harvest | 10x Experience | PVP | North America | Fresh | No Downloads | 1/2 Crafting Time | 70 Slot | 60 Tick | Dedicated Server | Active Admins

Welcome to the Hyborian Age.

Server Statistics:


RAM: 32GB DDR4 @ 4000

Operating System: Windows Server 2019

As a couple of close friends and I were scrolling through Conan Exile’s server listing we noticed something. There was a lack of PVP United States servers with the harvesting and experience buffs we were looking for. Either we had to choose to endure a PvE or we had to play on a vanilla harvesting and experience server. Who has time for that?? So, we took it upon ourselves to develop a new dedicated Conan Exiles Server with the casual gamer in mind.

I introduce you to Hyborian Age. This server is able to maintain 70 concurrent players. We adjusted many settings to tailor to the gamer who doesn’t want to spend upwards of a week to reach mid-tier armor, buildings, defenses ect. This does not necessarily mean you can be top tier in a few hours though. Our settings are as follows as of the time I have made this post:

Harvesting: 5x

Experience Gained: 10x

Max Clan Size: 15

Craft time has been cut in half.

Gods are disabled.

Thralls take half the time to develop as well as animal training.

We are really excited to introduce a server that will be long lasting and fun to play to people in the United States. Although I say “United States” this server is not region locked so anyone can join granted you speak English in global chat and VOIP.

We have a couple of simple rules for everyone and they are as follows:

  1.   Use common sense
  2.   Don’t spam
  3.   Speak English in chat and VOIP
  4.   Don’t block obvious ways to get to POIs
  5.   Don’t stand AFK for more than an hour
  6.   Raiding is forbidden for the first 12 hour period of a server wipe.

Most of these rules are a given in but somehow people need to be reminded so other gamers can play and enjoy themselves.

We are currently looking for anyone who would like to become an admin. We don’t expect the world from you, all we ask is to keep the communications semi-clean and follow up on player questions.

Current Admins:




Here are some useful links if you are interested in the server…

Server IP:

If you would like to quick join: steam://connect/

Discord: discord.gg/9BbZMxn

Steam Group: quantumimpulsegaming

Is this the Twitch Rp group?