Hyborian Escapades [PC UK English] PVP-[30/04]- 3x XP 3x Harvest-Evening Raiding/Purge NOGODS

Welcome to join new PC EU Conan Server!

Hyborian Escapades +connect

Discord in use. Ask in Global.

Brand new: 3x Exp. 3x Harvest. 40-slot 6-months lifetime.

Server Rules:

  1. Play the game as intended and be respectful and civil on voice and text chat. Smack-talk is fine and expected. Personal abuse will result in corrective action
  2. Admin rules and decisions when made will be final and not open to debate. There is no cheating or admin abuse. This is a lightly moderated server.
  3. The raid times and settings are visible within the game. Raiding and stealing will happen. Griefing, trolling or harassment will result in corrective action.
  4. Racism, sexism, homophobia or bigoted intolerance will result in corrective action or bans.
  5. There is an Admin welcome building in H4 on the island. Everyone is welcome to a set of iron tools and a waterskin.
  6. Wheaton’s Law applies in all things: Don’t be a dick.
  7. Admin DOES play. I will explore, gather, craft and run dungeons as a player. I’m not into (or very good at) PvP myself and will distance myself from raids. Any Admin Clan base CAN BE raided like any other base. Beware though, my clan buddies will seek in game and appropriate revenge! Admin welcome buildings, Arenas, Map Rooms and newbie help areas may not be raided without consequences. Locations of these will be listed and they are open to all to use as required.
  8. Don’t build and block important spawns. Your base might suffer a disaster.
  9. Using exploits will lead to negative consequences

Admin Helper Buildings located at:
Maprooms - (Brimstone Pools: C7), (Sinkhole:H 6), (Volcano:G 13/14)
Newbie Hut for tools: (Island: H 3.5)

Clan Rewards Programme:
Form a clan of three people and all be online to talk to Admin for the gift of a level II thrall of your choice. Usually claimed by beginners.
Play your clan for a week on the server. Talk to Admin for the gift of a level III thrall of your choice. Pick one that you can’t find.

Join a community that is increasing in size!

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Come join Hyborian Escapades! Whether you from the EU, US, or Canada. The server runs great!

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Try Hyborian Escapades today!

Our first griefers and exploiters all banned today!

Tower Sinister have claimed a Level II taskmaster (Forming a 3+ player clan reward)

The Flood have claimed a level II taskmaster (Forming a 3+ player clan reward)

Great to see some new faces! Let me know if you have any question about the server. Have a good weekend everyone!

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Hyborian escapades is a fun and fair server always looking for new players to add to the community :slight_smile:

We’ve made some slightly adjustments to the purge system as it becoming more difficulty for people. We think this help a lot of new players and clans.