[EU-DE/ESP/UK]Guardianes de Hyboria[4.July][PVP-x5 XP/H] - REOPENING

Bienvenidos a/Welcome to:

- GUARDIANES DE HYBORIA - Fresh wiped!! 4th July

:es: Uno de los servidor dedicado más antiguos de “Conan Exiles” con muchas ganas de hacer una comunidad en la que la gente se divierta, ya sea participando en nuestros eventos o aventurándose en los bastos parajes del exilio.

:uk: One of the older dedicated server of “Conan Exiles” with a lot of desire to make a community in which people have fun, whether participating in our events or venturing in the wild places of the exile.

•Server IP:


- x5 xP / x5 HArvest (event)
- Raid protection (also a permanent one)
- Events
- Raid time [18:00 / 23:00]


1.- Pippi - User & Server Management
2.- WARRIOR Mutator for Conan Exiles
3.- Savage Steel
4.- Savage Steel vol. II
5.- Tavern
6.- RP Aesthetics (RA)
7.- Emberlight
8.- StraysStayDry
9.- The Age of Calamitous

Battlemetrics: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/conanexiles/3267531
TopRankedServers: https://www.toprankedservers.com/profile/227503/
Discord: https://discord.gg/6edcsMv



1.1 - Don’t build on paths, recipes, chests, dungeons, silver, gold… [Every building will be deleted without a warning!]
1.2 - Unraideable bases are not allowed! (example: Catapults/jars/orbs/arrows can’t reach it).
1.3 - Do not claim your area with Foundations/Pillars… An administrator will destroy them without asking and if you continue, you will be banned.
1.4 - Antigod protection “bubbles” are NOT ALLOWED !

- [An admin will destroy it and if you continue, you will get banned]

1.5 - A base + a farming base, if you have more an admin will destroy them without warning.

Main base: max. without limits
Farming base: max. 7x7x7.

- [But, please, don't make MEGA buildings - we want to play without lag, thanks]

1.6 - Only 2 vaults per clan.

- [If a vault get glitched in a raid, an admin will destroy it]

1.7 - Before moving your base to another side YOU MUST write it on #report-general , if you don’t do it and an admin sees that you have 2 bases, one will be destroyed without warning.
1.8 - Each clan can have 5 pets aand 10 thralls.


2.1 - You can build a “Siege House” (Vaults are not allowed!) to raid someone, but only if it’s an active raid. When the raid is over, EVERYTHING you have built must be eliminated.
2.2 - It is totally forbidden to raid an admin base ( “ADMIN CLAN” ) !! This action is totally baneable!!
2.3 - You can camp if you are raiding, do not do it if you are not doing it! .


3.1 - It’s forbidden to wipe a base completely! Destroying all work tables / beds are not considered as wipe.
3.2 - The use of glitches/exploits/bugs is not allowed! You will be permabaned!
3.3 - Breaking/throwing things through walls/doors is TOTALLY FORBIDDEN , if you attack someone like this:

- [warning + you will have to return the stolen things]


It will be aplied at the end of the raid time or if the attackers announces that they have finished.
You will obtain 24h of Raid Protection (photos from the damaged area + event log) You can also get a permanent Raid Protection if you didn’t raid before.

  • You can’t save items from others
  • You can’t camp players.
  • You OBVIOUSLY can’t raid or help others players in a raid. >>> Once granted, it will not be withdrawn!!


-Multiaccounts are not allowed!
-Without any proof (video/photo), the report will be INVALID.
-Don't abuse the rules for your own benefit (legal gaps).
-Racism, sexism and homophobia will not be tolerated.
-Players who are excessively toxic will be banned.


[The accumulation of 3 warning will be grounds for banning, minimum until the next wipe or maybe permaban.]

Sometimes you will be permabaned without getting a single warning, it will depend on what did you do