Thugra Khotans' Hyborian Age 3

I am launching a new small server to facilitate the rich RPG potential of Conan Exiles and the fantasy world created by Robert E Howard. The server is intended to facilitate cooperation and interaction between players. My goals are to establish a PW (persistent world) feel with trading and interaction beyond hack and slash gaming. The server will run DM (Dungeon Master/Admin) events to allow for on the fly RP adventures, special loot only obtainable in events and a twist on PVP that will not become toxic. My idea is for server admins to take on the role of the “E” part of PVE, building bases for players to raid and sending attacks on player bases in scheduled events. Developing a well thought out character that is based upon R.E.Howards original concept of the world inhabited by Conan is what this server is all about. I intend to keep the server small and manageable and look forward to helping players enjoy the game in the spirit of classic cooperative Dungeons & Dragons style roleplay.

Anybody interested in joining my server please post a response here and I will give you the connect information. I am hoping to get some players before I do more work on the server, your input on the direction it goes is important. One of my main goals is to set up a good trading economy so players have a reason to interact more. I have starting kits enabled through PIPPI to get you started as well as other new player/character friendly mechanics.