Community Friday Stream 8th of June 2018

Hiya Exiles!

Thanks for joining and hanging out during our first Community Friday Stream.
For those of you who missed it, here the video and some highlights :slight_smile:

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Congratulations to:

  • Harsh1220 [Mixer]
  • Kastur666 [Mixer]
  • X0lfm4n (Twitch)
  • Blechhower (Twitch)

Pariah’s Underwatch by cromlowinhischair on reddit


any Eta on this??

sounds great and will bring alot that have sadly left (as i have) back to the game but how far out is this project, weeks? months? 3+months? kinda live or die atm

The ability to cross server raid would be greatly appreciated as well or at least the ability to migrate your characters to new servers so you can escape dying servers even if it means you don’t get to bring a dang thing with you.

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