28/11/2018 Testlive Update feedback thread

I see snake arrows are at the altar now, but really 5 zeal to make 10 arrows? that seems excessive. Might as well just remove them from game as bad as they have been nerfed now.


I’ll double check with the team about the intention behind the balancing.

Are they cheaper to make with higher tier priests? Oscar seemed not 100 percent sure during last Fridays stream, but he thought they would.

I have a issue to get new BuildID and current date of Testlive version over SteamCMD. He still shows the version of 22 november with AppID 440900

		"buildid"		"3302486"
		"timeupdated"		"1542286578"
		"buildid"		"3325267"
		"description"		""
		"timeupdated"		"1542888261"

If I remmember right, Ice arrows also require ice shard, the very ritual item from Ymir so it’s the same for snake arrows. Never seen anyone complain about ice arrows before.
Plus snake arrows were used instead of any other, by everyone all the time, they realized it was too overpowered too cheap.

Private Testlive Server (28/11/2018) - No Mods
“An Isle of Pit (PvE-C UK) TESTLIVE” PvE-C
Repeatable Bug

Crafting queue stops when crafting Conan (Basic) Amour

I’ve seen this many times before, only just made the connection that its the Conan Armour. So I’ve created two sets of Medium Armour Liners in the Armoury Bench and moved them to my personal inventory along with leather and iron. Then I choose to craft the Conan Armour and get all the pieces to queue. Once a few have completed, the queue gets cleared and production stops.

I have seen this before, its NOT something that has just started to happen with this patch.

Private Testlive Server (28/11/2018) - No Mods
“An Isle of Pit (PvE-C UK) TESTLIVE” PvE-C
Repeatable Bug

Quantity Issue when moving orbs to your inventory.

I have a number of orbs in my Firebowl Cauldron. I had water orbs, gas orbs and oil/tar orbs, roughly 10-15 of each. When trying to move just one of each into my own inventory, I was presented with the number box, typed 1, clicked OK, yet half of the stack moves over. Doing this a 2nd time, choosing 1 and OK, another half of the remaining stack moves to my inventory.

Private Testlive Server (28/11/2018) - No Mods
“An Isle of Pit (PvE-C UK) TESTLIVE” PvE-C
Damage Issue?

Lv40 with a Conan (basic) Sword, crept up to a Gazelle near the Asagarth City. Gave it a good strong series of hits, caused it to have 2x cripple and within a millimeter of it’s life, yet it was able to sprint off like a rocket. This animal was all but dead yet it can run as fast as an untouched healthy one. Should this be the case?

The cripple on many animals does not seem to slow them down or lower their ability to inflict full damage on a player.

Private Testlive Server (28/11/2018) - No Mods
“An Isle of Pit (PvE-C UK) TESTLIVE” PvE-C

I know you’re working on this issue, I wanted to let you know what I have observed.

We have a clean server build, just two players have ever logged in. The server is on the same LAN as our PC’s. We live and work together in the game. All we have built is a small 4x4 on the noob river, placed 10 foundations in the Jungle then moved to Asagarth City where we built our main home. This home/compound is no larger that 10x15 foundations with a wheel, single temple and one of each workbench @Lv40. The only thralls are the ones in the workbenches, non onguard.

The game loads twice as quickly than on our main (May18) server.

Laggiest Moments:

1, The very first container/workbench/wheel that you try to enter, the screen will freeze for 5-10 seconds before unfreezing and displaying the inventory within. There isn’t any lag when you then go to another container. I have also tried waiting after login, 5 min, before trying to open a container, I still get this even then.

2, On death - I’ve not seen myself die for a very long time. I’m always down to 5-10mm of health during a fight then I freeze up. I know I have just been killed but don’t get to see the killer hit. 3-4 seconds of freeze at that moment before the animation kicks in asking where you’d like to respawn.

3, Fighting 2 or more NPCs or beasts at once, there will be very small amounts of lag which allow the enemy to get a hit or two in before you’ve seen it coming. Similar to trying to fight under a strobe light in that you seem to be missing a few frames during the fight every now and then. Its more noticeable with faster moving enemies like the cats and dogs.

It happens with several DLC items, so it’s not just Conan’s Royal Armor. We’re aware of the issue and will fix it in a future patch.

Also a known issue :slight_smile:

Thank you for the update. I’ve forwarded all the information you provided to the team

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This is a bit too beyond my technical expertise, unfortunately. Please let me know if you’re still having this issue and I will ask the team for help

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I will try and get a set priest and see, but I doubt it. The reason I doubt it is because on Live making stuff with an archpriest doesn’t reduce the cost of stuff now. Anyways, yeah I get it that snake arrows were used exclusively but it should be enough to just drop the damage to 1 as they did, and then have it be 1 zeal/10 branches for 10 arrows. I will check on Ice arrows as I cannot remember how much they take to make. No one uses them really because they seemed to suck, which I guess with this update puts snake arrows in the same boat.

If the snake arrows are already getting a nerf (no base arrow damage beyond the stacking poison DoT), is it also necessary to change these to require zeal to make them? This seems like a double nerf - and I am not sure that it is warranted.

If you want to change how they are made, and require a Set shrine and zeals, then the arrows should retain some of the base damage that they do upon hit. If you are removing the base arrow damage, please do not also nerf them by requiring zeals also. This would nerf them into the ground completely with the effect of removing their practical use all together.

yeah you are right, 10 ymir ice arrows takes 10 ice shards. which is pretty much useless as well. why go out and kill 10 humans for 10 ice shards to make 10 ice arrows that are a little better than iron. No one complains because they have been useless from the get go.

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So snake arrows are not so bad you just need 5 hearts to make 10, wich is double the value for ice arrows. Plus you get 5 antidotes as a change, because you craft then to get 5 zeal.
Poison stacking by itself is very powerful, that is why they where used exclusively and dirty cheap, even cheaper than stone arrows.

No problem. Yes, I just checked again. SteamCMD shows me only the version from 22 november :slightly_frowning_face:

Didnt see it mentioned yet but:
Dual wield axes combo is not applying bleeding on fourth attack. Dont remmenber if it applied before, but it was supposed to, I remmember something about not losing the status effects from the one handed attack using second hand combos.

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Thanks, I’ll report this :slight_smile:

Two things:
Yes, ice arrows use shards but noone uses them due to coming with incredibly low damage compared to the cost. Noone is stupid enough to use them on a regular basis. Ymir is or has been expensive enough…
True, snakearrows till the current live client have been used by the majority - from early EA on.
And yes, they have been way too cheap. I do think the zealcost will be fine, as their poison is strong enough to have that cost be okay.

Direct damage having been taken off them isnt really a great nerf, but the zeal cost is. I think it’s fine.
People have only been using snakearrows because of the poison since that deals more dps in a longer duration when comparing used materials than any else arrow. (Has anyone ever done the math of that? Though best result is done by combining anyway.) That applies even more if people use them to clear thrall camps while being below lvl 50 or similar. Also in pvp continued hits are NOT guarantueed, so the dot is even more valuable there. (To hinder from healing up if target has no antidotes.)

True. Good thing that got reported, I thought it was intended. Would be nice if that was just a bug though…

So if the direct damage removal is not a giant nerf, then why make that adjustment? I agree that they have been too cheap historically (just branches). But if you are going to increase the cost to zeal, wouldn’t that heftier cost also help to pay for the direct damage that they currently do?

I agree - the magic in snake arrows is that beautiful poison DoT. But to take away their direct damage means that they will only be useful for the poison DoT. And due to costs, non-archery spec’d character will need to setup their hotbars so that they can swap to razor arrows, etc. for some actual direct damage, rather than continuing fire with snake arrows. I guess that is okay, if that is what they are hoping to accomplish. But me being typically non-archery spec - the direct damage nerf will make me reconsider use if they have a steeper cost.

Edit PS: I need more hotbar slots. Can we open up 9 and 0 for this arrow swapping business that we non-archery specs are going to have to start doing? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Right on. Can you imagine something like Shift + Scroll Up to bring up another 8-item hotbar? Then we could easily manipulate helmets and other gear.

You know I’m a fan of scrounging bows from thralls. I took to carrying a second damage-modded Ancient for my Snake Arrows on TestLive.