Things I would like to see in the next friday stream :)



I’d be very interested in devs exploring game issues on a stream.
Not necessarily how they plan to solve it or whether it’s being worked on or not, although that would be a bonus, but simply their insight into the problems:

  • Obilisk blocking
  • Foundation spamming & Decay umbilicals
  • Bugged purge spawn tables (and why all spawn tables have an “s” suffix, but not Exile faction)
  • Bugged armorers (Njoror still bugged after a year since early access)
  • Lack of a flawless variant for conan’s atlantean sword or royal armors

Even if the answer is something nobody wants to hear i.e. " We simply didn’t have time for those things" is good, because this way I can set priorities for myself, i.e. Should I continue maintaining an investment worth 7 months on an official server, or should I just play a modded session of singleplayer and enjoy all the features of the future in one sitting, then revisit CE 2 years later? It’s good communication. It’s not like you guys are gonna lose money on people taking a break. People will be back for sorcery… it’s just the road to there needs to be fun enough to “weather”. Official servers don’t allow people to take vacations during feature droughts, it’s why everyone’s so frustrated.

Considering content will always be consumed faster than it can be produced, what Oscar said about being a “system person” has a lot of relevance. Features can be consumed really fast, but good systems… those aren’t consumed. Those are interacted with. See, good interaction is like ■■■ - It never get’s old when done right.

Things like vanity slots, or character re-customization. It’s actually new content in disguise because you see rarer content more often. It’s like refurbishing and adding value to all that’s there already.

This strong focus on pets is like… We’ve all been there and done that on ARK, just better. With ARK: Extinction
coming out, nobody is gonna care that Rocknoses can poop Iron, when you can fly something that harvests iron, smelts it in it’s inventory AND does DPS (ARK Phoenix)

But what survival game has ever featured vanity slots and character re-customization?

You have 3 of the best looking armors marginalized on official servers ALL because Njoror is bugged and Grrr Legbiter is hard as hell to get. THAT is new content for most people when those armorers get fixed.

But yeah.

The above is interesting subjects.

I appreciate the devs being featured in newsletters… I am sure they are very interesting and passionate and talented individuals, but so are the hundreds of applicants Funcom denies on a daily basis. It’s nothing personal, right?

I’d rather know their state of minds on things, because one can extrapolate where the development is going.

I.e. Oscar mentioned he’d “actually” prefer a character re-customization system… as though it hasn’t actually even been discussed yet, or even considered. This gives me a rough timeline on when that feature will be implemented, and the chances thereof. These nuances is what makes dev interviews the most fascinating thing to watch.


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