Upcoming Devstream

Greetings fellow Exiles.
In case you were not aware…

What are you hoping for in the next update and what do you hope is addressed in the stream?


Word of a fix for the current situation so I can buy some trinkets my wife and I don’t need. Furniture Skins and such. We basically crash when looking at what is for sale and we are interested. @LostBrythunian


I would imagine a lot of performance fixes and bug fixes. Hopefully this is done before adding more issues in a update.


While we all hope the game becomes more stable, that should be a given.
It’s not, and we all know it, so it does bear mention.

However, they had noted that each Chapter would come with content expansions.

From what this one has seen, they expect at least one more event location in the Exiled Lands, and possibly a few new spells.

As it is still Age of Sorcery, this one expects any additions will be at least magic or corruption adjacent.


I’m with @Capt_insano0 on this one :slight_smile:
While I understand that they set their milestones with the Chapters and the content releases - and fair enough I don’t see too much harm in releasing what they have in terms of content (the few extra events and possibly a couple of additional spells and who knows what else…) - however I really think they need to slow down a tiny bit at this point and clear off a portion of that bug list even if that risks pushing their Chapter release milestones back a bit…
We’re all used to some amount of bugs coming with their updates which is almost tradition by now… but the amount of issues has been quite large and then we got this very unfortunate series of each hotfix breaking 2 new things etc.
I too am rooting for the Age of Bugfixes :slight_smile:

Aside from that and the above mentioned events / sorcery stuff, possibly a weapon rebalance with one of the Chapters - I know they’re probably planning it as that’s the only way it made sense to just “delete” the attribute bonuses off weapons as a quick fix rather than individually rework them, coupled with a lot of feedback from players about legendaries being “useless” or nerfed, I can totally see a proper weapon rebalancing in the future at some point even if not just yet.


Sorry I lost this post @LostBrythunian, I seen it on the admin post! So here I will say one thing extra!
What I would love to know is what @Barnes bring forward!
Will ps4 be in the game schedule for 2023?

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Lol they can’t get anything right games so dead compared to before 3.0 it’s pretty sad

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